Of Subarus and Meffi Drivers

Why do starter owners of ubiquitous Subarus like loud revving in the middle of the night, waking up babies and stressed out housewives in estates? Is it a hormonal misconstruction or just meffiosity? Last Saturday, i drove in home at around 3am. Drunk as usual (we all can’t wait for weekends to make bad decisions right?) double parked as happens every other weekend and staggered out. I pulled out a cigarette stick and lit as i figured out the lie I’d use today on the wife (The alcohol blow lie is so yesterday). I hadn’t taken two puffs before a loud car 'whiff’s by almost knocking me down. I scoff at it but leaves it at that. step on my cigarette butt and gets some pk to freshen up. I lock the car and heads towards my house. As i open the gate, i hear a car revving loudly then followed by some very loud gunshot noise. I don’t waste time…i push through the locked gate almost knocking the locks down and hide behind a flower vase at the corner. Soon, from my hideout, i see the same car…freaing subaru speed off and now i notice same ‘gunshot’ sounds. I emerge confidently now on realizing the source. So it’s this freaking moron who was scaring the hell out of every one in the neighbourhood. Thank God no-one saw me duck, i’d have been baptized a very bad nickname by now…and the way i’ve been able to make ninjas in my hood believe am ‘that guy’.

Do you think the real problem here is these undermanned drivers or Subarus parent company, Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries. FHI makes a lot of things other than Subaru vehicles — attack helicopters, jet aircraft, myriad industrial products of all sorts. The company has a heavy-industry mind-set, which shows up pitifully in the interiors of too many Subaru automobiles.

Ice cube kuja jibu kijana ya matiangi

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Subbies are okay rides, the guys with the Dakar rally logo, modified mufflers and oversize spoilers have small dicks. Hio ya backfire ni wale they only have a hole where the dick was.


homowebdev , lazima uongee juu ya mboro kwa kila comment yako


And why the fuck do people call it a “subbie” call it a Subaru…na kuna wajinga wengine wanaita Lexus “Lexxy” huo ni umalaya


They have to make something different maybe. Toyota has significant interests in Fuji heavy industries. I dont know whether that interest is subarus. Yaani subaru could be a toyota. Hawa slanted eyes wanachezea watu akili.

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720k AUTOMATIC turbo holla


Iko na hio sticker ya Dakar na makelele kwa exhaust?

Kuna moja ilikua inapita in an estate I used to live jamaa and India court saa tisa morning na alarm za Toyota zinaeza kulia heheeeee. I had a Nissan sunny b14 back then na haikua inalia ovyo ovyo and since then I respected Nissan.
Eneway tangu nijue the subaru rumble is a result of poor workmanship nikawacha kuziheshimu

jamaa. Alarm for most jap cars ni after market. Na kuna setting ya kufanya isikuwe sensitive depending on the type. usifikirie alarm kutolia inahusu “nissan”. na pia nissan ni gari imbo kiasi.


Subbie subbie subbie subbie, thie ukamie Ruai.


Sande Omwami heheheeee

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Sijawahi tamani subbie

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Majamaa wanaiitanga hivyo wanakuwanga na makucha manicured na ile kizungu middle class wanakuwanga nayo na huo ni umeffi wa hali ya juu


Hata yangu ilikua after market niliwekea hapo ya ya centre. Na Nissan si gari imbo wewe.

Ni imbo bana. lakini si kama mahindra.

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most of the people hating should realize that most of those LOUD subaru drivers are under thirty year olds that are just having fun with a car they admired when they were in high school. In short they are living their teenage dreams. Wewe kama you could not afford a car in your 20s and only did so when you are 35 plus years meaning you could only get a boring soccer-mom’s car keti palee-------------------------> na uwache vijanaa wafurahie wakikomaa maisha yao na mshahara zao za kwanza. endelea na premio/skoda/bluebbird ama caldina yako pole poleee na ubebe watoto na mama watoto wakienda church sunday


Gio sura mbaya chieth, I know three guys with Subbies and that’s what they call them. Hio ya manicure ni wewe.

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Ni kama ukuwe na Mercedes uanze kuiita “Mercy” huo ni UMEFFI!!! CHIETH

Homowebdev hio “Subbie” na “Lexxy/ie” have heard it from the same group of guys na haikosi wewe ni mmoja wao. Nani aliwaambia muongeze “…ie” kwa jina ya gari, it sounds horrible and gayish!!!