Of Religious leaders and lanyes

I’ve heard several stories of Pastors in Nairobi engaging the services of prostitutes and escorts. Some of them are very respectable members of society and married with children.

One hekaya that got my jaws dropping was of an escort who lived or lives in Kangemi. This lady narrated to any who cared to listen her portfolio of clients, ranging from politicians and the who is who in the business community.

She claimed that a certain Pastor/ Bishop who at one time ran for the Presidency, is her regular client who picks her up every Wednesday evening for a night of passion. A friend even affirmed the story saying it’s a well known secret.

Many a Pastors have been suspected of extramarital affairs contrary to their moral teachings. At one time comrade Babu Owino threatened to reveal the names of religious leaders who sleep with University girls.

Are Pastors really preaching water and drinking vodka? Condemning prostitution on Sunday but flocking Koinange Str on Friday nights?

Only God knows.

i could write books…

Si useme tu ni ule jamaa wa giza

leta hekaya mzae

shhh, don’t shout

Kuna nduru gizani

Hii tabia ya kenyans kupeana story na kusema, “a prominent person” ndio huwa ya support corruption.

Tell us sth we don’t know

Najua father fulani wa katoliki anakatianga beshte yangu dem, yeye hutaka waanze familia chini ya maji. Mapastor najua ka wote ni mafisi.

Used to work for a catholic organisation in some remote area, and the priest incharge employed a young girl to be cooking for me. Sometimes he would come and we would eat together. Later came to learn he was having sex with her in my bed. And the nigga would throw used condoms under the bed. I fired her when he was away for a seminar

Dry spell was turning his balls blue

Kuna Catholic fathers waliform another dhehebu where they allow themselves to marry

Read this story somewhere else ages ago. Uwesmake and his charade would say they read it sometime in 1992, but I think it was published elsewhere circa 2013

Mwalimu wangu wa high school wa kiswahili ali divorce bibi yake juu the local catholic father alikua anakamua chini ya maji. They went on to marry later on

Mundu mulosi alikamua nun kwa Kampala coach kama tuko bado klost.

Hehe…I know of a guy who dropped out of seminary sch after kuzidiwa na manjaa. He confesses how he and a parish priest used to lay married women. Catholic priests are the greatest fisis

Yes they do, and they also enjoy people’s wives and live lavish on offerings .
But no one wants to listen , y’all continue flocking churches .
Kanyari is the best example of religion and ignorance of the masses.

If you become a bishop, pastor, catholic monk…etc, does your dick stop functioning?
If not then please tell us something new!

How did you fire her yet it was the priest who hired her? o_O

And it is always married women who fall for the tricks of these priests and Pastors