Of People obsession with BBI and Ruto

Ruto has no time for BBI. He has not even dedicated energy to fight it. He just wanted to make BBI to be less of a tsunami in the referendum
This is because Ruto knew that Raila had hoped for BBI to be major tsunami so that he can use to build his 2022 coalition akin to 2005 pentagon. That’s why Ruto attacked BBI with propaganda because he wanted it to have less effect politically and not to necessarily fail. Right now even if BBI passes you can be assured it shall be passed by minority… Less number of voters and shall not generate much political enthusiasm and capital as expected. And this works to Ruto’s favour very much as he wanted it to.
Ruto has not fully campaigned or decided to campaign against BBI but rather he is campaigning for August 2022 presidency.
For him he sees BBI as a distraction. In fact he said of the same in Kericho. I saw a clip shared yesterday of the same. He told Kipsigis in mafumbo that if your are hunting for an antelope and a rabbit comes along the way, you won’t spend your energy and resources going after the rabbit and forgetting that you came to hunt for an antelope. And antelope in this case for Ruto is presidency and the rabbit is BBI. The guy is focused on his journey while others are preoccupied with BBI reggae.
I find it quite interesting and i see it as ignorance that people are trying to question where are Ruto numbers when it comes to BBI? I mean BBI is harmless to Ruto’s presidency bid and that explains why he has not opposed it. In fact Ruto stands to gain more from BBI because it will assit him to get rid of two tribes propaganda being run by his competitors, of which some people may say Kalenjin and Kikuyu want to hold on and exchange power. If BBI passes Ruto can give deputy president to Kikuyu and the prime minister to Luhya or Kamba and he is in state house early in the morning.
Ruto does not also want to divide his supporters because he knows there are those that support BBI and at the same time support him. That’s why you wont see Ruto any time campaigning against BBI. And from the past elections the guys who opposed and were water melon in 2010 constituon became the main beneficiary of it. The same shall happen of BBI nonsense if passed.
But BBI reggae is a reggae with many hurdles to climb. It still got a lot of court cases to deal with which revolves around processes IEBC itself and others. The BBI referendum could happen late this year maybe next year too close to elections and thus useless or even after the 2022 elections or together with it or may never happen at all. Those wasting time on BBI reggae instead of campaigning for August 2022 presidency naona wakilia soon.


Half way passed… next kuamua ni mwananchi sasa

Hio miaka yote uko kwa kijiji hujajua kuweka paragraphs? Unachokesha elders.

Any who, BBI ishapita. President Uhuru’s policy is straight forward kama ile ya Pablo Escobar. You either accept the reward ama he deals with you kama akina Kang’ata.

As the symbol of national unit who gets intelligence from INTERPOL,FBI,CIA,NIS,KDF,EACC. KACC, ODPP, HSI alisema ‘SITAWACHIA NCHI MWIZI SUGU MWENYE MIRABA MINNE KUTOKA SUGOI’ tutafuata chenye Uhunye amesema



We know he doesn’t…

Now that the monkeys can’t reach the grapes they claim they are sour.

Sounds like a beaten man.

Hiyo write-up…
527/= pap…

sycophancy ya lootall will not allow these people to accept that their demigod has been cornered. why did he have to provide an alternative of running the referendum simultaneously with national elections instead of supporting it? if vitu zingeenda vile mlitaka (BBI shot down), sai ungekua chest thumping apa.

bbi is good for ruto so why is he not supporting it …ange-support bbi knowing the benefits

BBI is not good… At least not well thought out… and if it is well thought out, it is meant to benefit those pushing it at the top… the fools who cannot see this will do so once it is passed at Referendum

Uncle Machos fully supports the BBI crap, is only that the coward he is cannot allow him to state so publicly. Trying to show the “mr. Tough image” … ni meffi tu kama @T.Vercetti


Wakenya tunapenda kubebwa ujinga sana…

like Kiraitu said its like wrapping someone who is too willing…(sic)

Konyagi1 could have done kila kitu iko kwa hiyo upuzi anaita BBI in 10 years…saa hii ndio anahonga mafala kama kawa

Lmao your name betrays you. Ruto ni mwizi and he will never be president of this country. We don’t want another Moi