Of Osungu. dll and Social Media

I used to be really great at English, never scored bellow 80% in English tests, in spelling bees I would always come out tops back in primary!
Enter social media, I would laugh at people’s typos and grammatical misgivings, what I didn’t realize is that all this was rubbing off on me. Now all I am good at at is spoken English, written is just appalling! I don’t know what I would do without auto-correct… My consolation is, “kizungu ili kuja na meli”.
Najua hapa nyi ni ma gwiji, given all the grammar nazis out here, but I wonder, is it only me in the shits?

Village mbirrionaires don’t give a fuck about Inglis!! Unless may be nude grammar, leta mbisha ya kienjeji hapana sumbua Friday

I dont think misgivings mean what you think they mean.

Englich kamed with chip. I thinked you chould know!

Kienyeji bado kuingia pub saa hii, bado wana jipodoa. Mi nanyonya ‘Jack Daniels’ pole pole

Ferry true!

In other words unasema wewe ni mjinga who used to cram the Oxford dictionary but now since your memory has started to fade, unashangaa wewe ni mjinga and wondering if there are wajingas like you so you could form your own wajinga sacco? Is that right?

You surely know how to summarize a story…

True to a point, but I do not consider myself a mjinga! Memory fails

hii ndio inaitwa summary sasa:D

mimi grammar and Literature sikuwai score below 88% , kwa composition handwriting tu ndio ilinilemea kiasi but bado novel yangu inawezaji compare tu na ya Robert Ludlum

I can only imagine what your handwriting looks like, a man with racing thoughts

Mimi na osungu tunajuana kutoka kitambo kuna venye tu hatukaribiani venye joh

The Chinese are taking over the world while seriously massacring it

Would you mind if I hooked you up with orator Waititi for some grammatical lessons

Underline waititi

:D:D very intentional

I’d rather enroll for Gumbaru classes. No thanks

And then you find him in the ngumbaru class. Waititi that is…:smiley:

:D:D:D own goal hiyo