Of Nairobi Barber Shops

Men’s patience has often been tested to the limit kwa kinyozi especially especially hawa wa Nairobi. I don’t tolerate the idea of a fellow man standing close to me fondling my chin and puffy cheeks for close to forty minutes. I am often at my weakest and most vulnerable thus the most i can entertain this whole exercise is twenty minutes lakini ikipita hapo I start becoming edgy and eventually lose my tempers. Another thing msiniambie ninyolewe na mwanamke…how? My ego and chauvinistic attitude can’t just allow that… kwanza i start imagining things such as vile naweza fikicha threshold and instead of appreciating that she is shaving my head i start conjuring up images of her shaving my privates and giving me head.

And you wonder why Kenyans are stupid.

waiting for @introvert to cum with irrelevant comments and we all know he’s never seen a barber since he was 14

@introvert Come and cum with what you have been told to cum with.

Homophobia is a sign of latent homosexuality

nzi ikiland kwa kichwa ya @introvert , inaslide chini hadi kwa mapua

Last week I went to my favorite kinyozi Kenya cinema 2nd floor which I used to visit during my hustling days. Then baada ya kunyolewa I was told niende kwa salon next room. I thought my barber will join me later to put final cut .

After sitting down this lady with just the right fleshy knees with flat belly and arrogant hips trying to free themselves from that elastic tube-like dress akaja, …ati kuni-massage kichwa . Nilikataa, paid her tip ya 200 and told Pati the kinyozi I can’t do it. Hao wanawake wengine ambao walikuwa salon started laughing as I was heading to stairs. Devils these women are…Next week I’ll tell Pati “no massage manenos with anyone or else you loose me. .”

@introvert, huyu mwana Dada kwa jina @Nefertities tities ame crush na wewe. Seems like She has been waving at you all along, lakini wewe ni mtu kulala kwa Darasa. Mpaka akaamua to bring her heat/nyege to your door step.
Kazi kwako kizee:):):):slight_smile:

@introvert , these niggaz hatin’ on you cuz you shine so bright. They’ll always be jealous of gibbous headed niggaz. Don’t worry about it. Stand tall. Shine bright. Light up our futures bro!

What if I told you that you could exercise self control and not be a bitch to your emotions?


:D:D:D:D:D:D I endorse!

Sasa unaogopa kucum ju ya kushikwa shikwa upara

Eternal Dry spell fags everywhere.been shaved over 5 years everyweek by women.

Unapeana mia biri alafu unaenda kukunywa Ndubia kwa bedsitter…chinga

Every man knows their weakness. I know mine. Once I start to hunt, I never stop at anything.

:D:D wish you knew:D:D shenz

@introvert you need to “reflect” on this:D

Damn…u lost a curvy poosy right there…most of these chicks are part time h.oes for pay. KC is h.oeing HQ on weekends…ama ilibadilika?
Next time pitia hapo kwa cyber ya @Deorro …4th floor ama 2nd floor?

:D:D na si una ujinga