Of motivational talks...

Who are these people who keep the likes of Burale in business? Yaani uko na a kaloose 12K ya kutupa tu na unahitaji motivation/coaching kupata a constant supply of pudesh?


Wange ita pepe minambo

This area like politics and religion is full pseudo experts selling hope to the gullible and desperate masses.

that guy is only good for giving morale to do Jesma papers not real life issues


Yani you go for relationship advice from a person that couldn’t maintain his marriage!!?
It’s like going to political advice from Andrew kibe


:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…beta males ni wengi ,most men interact with women with no red pill philosophy knowledge whatsoever,they meet female nature heads on and are gaslighted properly and go on a serious and every often fatal rampage of women or any bystander s.

people play too much

The only 2 formulas that apply to all is being born and dying.
In the middle no two lives can be a straight comparison, I don’t listen to motivational speakers ever as if you are perfect then you should be dead.

Si mliona mwingine akiulizia namba ya dem apa kwa kijiji na wako naye apo amekalishia makende. Khasia kama hio mbona isilipe hizo 12k ifundishwe kukatia manzi?

Mimi kutoka nijue YOU ARE WHAT YOU ATTRACT sina wasiwasi tena

If you have listened to kibe who is burale’s friend, you’ll know that Burale can sell almost anything

nakumbuka Fred Machoka aliweka yake watu walikuwa wanalipa 75k

For motivation, Joel Osteen is available on YouTube for bundles only…you can also listen to saadh guru for wisdom on handling a variety of issues too…ok YouTube too, bundles only

The 12k fee is supposed to ensure only a certain class of people attend that session. Peasants mtawekewa yenu ya 1k baadaye msiwe na worry.

Sunday, 24 October 2021 – Popular city pastor and life coach, Robert Burale, has been trolled on Twitter after he shared a poster of an event that he is organizing for single ladies and men at one of the hotels in Nairobi, where he is charging Ksh 12,000 per person.

Burale, whose marriage lasted for only 1 year, will give relationship advice during the event that is slated for next month.

The poster sparked reactions on Twitter because of the ticket pricing.

Some Netizens accused him of exploiting naïve Kenyans and branded him a polished conman.


Single mother chieth ndio huenda kwa hizo nansens wakiwa na beta male kama @Tauren @Sambamba na @poyoloko

Umependa kunitaja na mi hata sikujui