Of moral issues vs being human

My Dad gives some slay-queen from our village my number to call me for job opportunity purposes, you know am a “respected village elder” not only on KenyaTalk.
The slay queen calls and wants to meet me, for mentorship purposes…

This is the tricky part, i left the village over 15 yrs ago when the lady was around 7yrs old and i cant even remember her.
I check her profile pic on whatsapp and damn, ameumbwa akaumbika, i have started getting bedroom ideas…

What do i do my brothers and sisters???

Ask your dad.

Hahaha enyewe fisi ni fisi tu… Just don’t take advantage of her. Msaidie tu roho Safi… With no strings attached.

Vile @Phylgee amesema hapo juu

I second @Phylgee.

Kamua but make sure to help her.
The perks of being a “mkubwa” have to be fully exploited and make no mistake,women love shagging men in power.
It soothes their egos.
A win win situation from where I’m sitting!.. Kikikikkkk

mkubwa you say…thanks

Your dad kamuas those chiqs

hata usiargue na mimi; i know this things

but ile kitu tunaweza ongea ni vile familia yenyu yote itaisha dame mmoja akiwaambukiza ukimwi


Bae ebu come now…

You don’t shit where you live.

We we kamua tu bora usaidie.ni justification unatafuta:D:D

Saidia yeye but if she’s too willing pita nayeye iko nini

gerarahia brari siet. @eddy mahelo usiache!

wachan na yeye.
if a lady is gona be banged.
it should be no strings attached

Karma is a bitch, Mtoi wako (dem) atafanyiwa hivo tu. Just help her out Rojo safi

Wewe enda ukasaidie huyo jamaa amebomoa logon ya windows 7 computer hapo juu.

Am for helping but do
You really believe in this?

Your dad anakurushia curve ball na wewe huezi soma signs…bure kabisa.

Grow the f*** up and do what was originally intended. Others, including your dad, can see she’s pretty na it’s likely they’ve predicted and wamebet on how you’ll behave. Do the mature thing.