Of Mixed Races and Mixed Feelings

Just saw a YouTube video from some mixed race twins who probably come from the southern states of the USA. Not probably, they sure do, how I know this? They got the redneck boston-fan corn-eating cousin-fucking accent.

So what’s the point?

This is the joint, women will marry according man according to his status, we all know that but I am MGTOW. A black woman will marry a successful white man and get some slack, same with a black successful man marrying a white woman.
What do both women in both situations have in common? No success on their part but on the men.

When you are broke, even women from your own race won’t look at you. It’s all about the bag even for mixed marriages and also more closely home, intermarriages. Kama Okello anataka kuoa Njeri, lazima akuwe na mfuko mzito, same na Kamau akiendea Nafula.

True inter tribal marriages or inter racial marriages the common denominator is cash. Here people cash feelings but all in all nobody wants a failure