Of "Missing" girls and failed parenting

Failed parenting. Yaani I’m shocked. You guys will agree with me that us born before year 2000 had very strict parents. Yaani you couldn’t just say some of the things these girls are saying here. Imagine the whole country is concerned of your “missing” yet you appear as if nothing is wrong and dismiss your parents and journalists telling them they are analogue? That you “don’t care” about your cousin’s rant about your "missing’. These girls cannot even say sorry, can you imagine! What kind of fuckery is this? Wazazi mko kwa hii kijiji mmefeli yaani.

A 16 year old girl tells journalists, infront of her parents and the whole country literally that:

“I started smoking bhang and drinking alcohol due to peer pressure… I don’t have a boyfriend or sponsor as said at the police station.” :D:D

Meanwhile, Natalie kept saying she couldn’t wait for the drama to die down so she could hit the street and have fun once again.:D:D. Can you imagine!


Generation ya watu walizaliwa 1990 Hadi saa hii are spoilt… Kuna Dem najua born in 1993, the other day she was telling me the way things are post covid… she now is considering doing escort work. She already has the details… just told her,. When you dance with the devil, the dance does not end.

Bana I’m shocked. How can a parent stand by as children spit nonsense out of their mouths about such a serious incidence where the whole country is literally concerned. Eish!

its not 100% failed parenting … there are too many external influences that pressure these girls to go wayward. a parent can only do so much till they are overwhelmed

Aje bana? Can you hear what they are saying na saa hizo wazazi wako tu hapo clueless. Kama things are changing then parents must too up their game and be at par or a higher advantage than the children.

Blame it on empowerment of the gaoshaod. Females can’t do anything wrong in the world we live in.

Zii. Hapo hakuna cha empowerment. Hapo ni parenting imefail. Pia kuna wengi wamelemewa na boy child wao. Mtoto mdogo analemea mzazi unashangaa tu.

Empowerment kijana. Boyshaod angekua police cell sahii akifunguliwa mashtaka ya kuposess bhang.

Avoid scapegoating empowerment bcz wewe huwezi afford house wife, empowerment ikitolewa. Btw these are children and let’s not forget that even boys are worse, with drugs and alcohol.

Yeah. Hio angle umechukua nakubaliana na wewe. But you also realise boyz hawananga anything to hide and there is less worry. Boyz uenda sherehe sana na wanarudi tu coz pia kuna almost zero risks involved. Hawa madem huwezi jua walikuwa kwa nani, doing what! The article mentions a sex trafficking ring around Komarock estate. Hawa wanasema walikuwa kwa “Maria” lakini hawataki Maria ni nani exactly and where she resides.


We are in 2021 and not 1980, things are bound to change as we get more “westernized”. Whether that is a good thing or not, only time will tell. My encounter with girls from late 80s to late 90s confirms that these are liberal open hoes… That is why tinder and other sites exist and our girls are all over there not looking for live but to sell their perceived most precious pussy. It is not that the girls of previous Era were any different… The consequences of horing around were dire… In fact they were badly suppressed to the extent of having their clit removed… The real girls are now coming out to expose who they really are…

Mimi niko na ndume mbili, whoever has sired girls at this era, akaze kiuno.

As someone has said, times change. In the good old days boys played football and girls basically helped their mothers with house chores. The change is huge.

Young girls are manipulative as hell and can spin a lie to save themselves from their mistakes. Utapata they’ve done all of this themselves story ya sex na trafficking hao ndio masterminds wakanunue iPhones ndio waingie only fans na chaturbate.
Kunguru Huanza bado wachanga.

Religion has also played a part to where we find ourselves. In the olden days, sunday morning used to be busy as pple rush to worship houses. Nowadays just walk around in the estates and it begins to come alive after 11 am, coz many pple arent going to church as kitambo.

On another note, those who went were sincere and feared God. Nowadays most preachers are in it for the mullah, and the lack of seriousness has trickled downwards

Today’s parents are in deep trouble. It is not even about peer pressure. It is all to do with shosho media and there is v little the parents can do. The horse left the stable. The only way forward is for parent to come of their bible bashing pretentious cupboard and keep the dialogues going on. Find out who their friends are, what they watch online…just be a friend but be authoritative too. And keep parroting about the pitfalls ahead coz they are many.
Too many distractions. I live with one of my teen nephews and we do have those difficult discussions every so often. V difficult to get him to read a book coz he is so used to gaming. He also loves girls and changes them every so often. We keep warning him about diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Me and his parents have told him if some girl gets pregnant we will wash our hands…and he knows we mean it. We figured out we can’t do anything about the girls as they are in his college. So I have allowed one of them visiting rights but he knows the drill. No staying for too long and keep the door slightly ajar…kikikiki…

It is a hard road ahead and all teen parents have my greatest sympathy.

Post the whole article here or at the very least tuwekee screenshots. Am not signing up for Nationmedia just to read that sht.


Times have really changed, kitambo if you messed like this haungeenda nyumbani direct unatuma some uncle to go negociate truce on your behalf so that you can set foot huko. hizi mangaa zinatoroka for a week halafu zinaongea chafu