Of maize, hunger and polishit

Walalala if anyone had a chance of watching KTN Morning express this morning. This PR stunts of the government just absurd. Naskia kuna ship in the international waters ready to dock whenever there is a crisis… like the American warships with jet fighters protecting waters kuna zile na goods, ready to dock. Ghai.
Watch the clip from 27:00 to 30:00 to see what am talking about.



furaha yako ni meli ingekaa miaka tukufe njaa eh?

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Angalia sycophant, nani alisemani hio tunategemea and we have easier access to cheaper market. See my blind friend wewe unadhani ni mahindi, mwizi anaona ni an opportune to make quick cash. Who told you 300,00 bags will shield the shortage. Reminds me of the story Lila na Fila if you ever read it or ulikuwa campaign na njaa

Please take your small gonands to mexico

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gonadular issue NKT

Video iekwe

Yes that’s absolutely correct, give me an LPO and a bank guarantee and I will have several of them in mombasa within 7 days

(Wheat, sugar, maize or oil, the choice is yours )

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from mexico? wooi

From Mexico? wooi another blind rat… alafu wanaruka wanasema imetoka S.A

https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews/video/2000128731/-morning-express-the-way-it-is saidia kuembed alafu ona 27:00 - 30:00

Kuja hapa kaswende, mimi it reminds me of this[ATTACH=full]99790[/ATTACH]

Poor Kenyan families can sleep hungry, kids can go to school on an empty stomach, all because of one big nosed evil monster, Singh ole Mashamba’s unquenchable thirst for wealth and power!?


Ummm…please elaborate your statement

If I had the luxury of time, I would give you a crash course on the intricates of international maritime trade and specifically the art of speculating and risk taking involved