Of Kikuyus of Lamu and their woes

Someone comes over to your house and before long, he takes over the control of your properties. As if that’s not enough, he starts chewing your wife and sooner or later, takes over the leadership of your house. How will you react to such a person?

The natives of Lamu have a right to liberate their lands from the Black colonizers (Kikuyu Muthamakistans). You cannot be colonized by Arabs, then Whites and the some Muthamaki Bonobos. The natives of Lamu should fight for their land and freedom.

I heard Kikuyus want to impose a Kikuyu governor in Lamu. We must say no to internal Black colonization.

Okuyu cults zinafaa zirudi. Inaonekana mmesahau who runs this place.

Mungich or who?

Ile siku dread headed fellows watarudi waanze kuvictimize wenye wanafanya hizi attacks tusiskie mtu akicomplain.

90% of the Mungich’s victims are Okuyus themselves. Funny but sad:D:D Alafu those bhang smoking maniacs hakuna combat wanajua. They only know how to fight weaponless victims in urban areas.

Keypee you need to be circumcised. It might cure your low self-esteem.

Íhii ní irue.

It’s just Jan 2022 but tribal temperatures ziko juu kama temperature ya covid-19

Half-Man: Listen, Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated. You may as well learn Kikuyu. They are in Lamu to stay. Kenyatta said, The ithaka’s are ours from Ndemi na Mathathi.

:D:D Did you just compare us to The Borg ?

Kivisi why so bitter. Stop trolling

Do you think this site is that Anonymous?

Omar Lali for governor…

The real problem here is that the government is incompetent and so country has failed to industrialize.

In the first census of 1948 when Kenya’s population was 5.1 million, cash crops were our main export and agriculture was the largest share of the economy.

Just 7 censuses later in 2019, cash crops are still our main export and agriculture is still the largest share of the economy but now there 48 million people

If instead of farming bonobos could get good pay in a factory they would not be bother to go get land in the boondocks that is Lamu and land grabbing would be more work than it’s worth

But as long as the debate is between wheelbarrows or 6k, shit will remain bad because the fundamentals are off

Lakini Wakenya hawana akili so wacha wauanee because of political incitement

Kijana mdogo, you’re everywhere like a cornered rat. Matisho pelekea mamako malaya. Na pia tunaeza tafutana nikutombe bila lube

Hiyo kiburi ndio hufanya Kiambaa bullshiet to happen every once in a while

Trained monkeys. All of you.

sawa mkuu

At this rate, naona mkisema Mau Mau walikuwa wagiriama!

New Zealand is still largely agriculturally based but they are doing fine. Our country is just poorly managed and the population dividend has been going in the wrong direction for a long time.