Of Kenyans Peculiar Behaviour

It’s ridiculous, sad and pitiful how Kenyans WILL VERY, VERY PREDICTABLY respond to the arrest of Alfred Keter. The guy has been nabbed red-handed trying to fleece the Kenyan taxpayer out of a staggering amount of money.

In an ordinary, drama-free day, Kenyans will be lamenting all over how the vices of corruption and impunity have for so long strangled socio-economic well being of the country and how the two vices are so entrenched within the ruling class; so much so that those that plunder public coffers at the detrement of the ordinary, struggling kenyan walk free in this land, and in fact RULE it.

When one of those big fishes is caught in the act, those same, same Kenyans will in a flash turn around and start wailing in defence of the big fish in the net, swearing that ‘their man’ is being witchhunted for not towing the preferred political line…

For me, the arrest of Keter (and seeing him in handcuffs) is a positive, monumental sight, looking at it in terms of willingness of mandated authorities to fight the aforementioned vices, and is worthy celebrating and encouraging, for it is a giant leap forward towards moving this country away from being a shithole country that it is…if Netanyahu can be investigated by his own police force and charges prefered agianst him while still in office, who is Alfred Keter?

…But hold on kidogo…sasa ngoja ile nduru itapigwa huko Nandi; hata MM akibarizi in those Canadian timberlands ataisikia!

Mwafrika hasaidiki.

Call me naive, at your pleasure! :smiley:

The fight for curruption should be aggressive on everyone irrespective of their political affiliation

pure nonsense Keter has been fighting impunity kutoka kitambo , vile walishindwa kumutoa kwa elections ni ma setup sasa

swali tuuu MBONA EVEN ONE DRUG BARON HAJAWAI SHIKWA na tunawajua wako mpaka hapa ktalk , except wale vijana wa akasha wajinga .

Its high time

your handle potrays you

Aren’t you forgetting the Gilgil weighbridge saga where a visibly drunk Keter attempted to throw his weight around even threatening to call State House to have an overloaded lorry belonging to a nominated mhindi woman that had been impounded released.
That was the height of impunity or fighting impunity?

ni watu kama @uwesmake who make fighting such vices so damn hard!

Sasa ukijificha kwa mancave undisclosed lokeshen, utapatikanaje?

…a classic example of the peculiarity I’m talking about…sasa, Keter akishikwa na fake bonds why on earth would you drag in drug barons and politics za witchhunting my fren? I know you know what OBJECTIVITY is, so I will not go there.

it would be myopic and stupid to castigate the Nandi mp when waiguru and uhurus sister have never been arrested. for the law to work effectively, there should be no sacred cows. waiguru and her salonist buddy walked around with money in gunias and nothing happened. family bank bore no consequences, nothing. for that I will forgive those who read politics in it.

I second you…

Until all the big fish are in the net, it will be difficult to curtail the other Cartels and Barons.
Politician and Judiciary are enablers of corruption at the highest levels; it is their powers that protects and allow the impunity. Sadly, there are ordinary Kenyans who defend corruption and the wickedness that accompany it.

Here is a harrowing story in a local paper.

Mzee Samuel Ngenjura Muigai was tending to goats on his half acre plot in Makongeni at sprawling Embakasi Ranching farm when unexpectedly, armed goons struck. In their orgy of violence, the hoodlums believed to be working at the behest of a politician, left behind a trail of destruction……

For shareholders like Muigai, their lives were compounded when plots belonging to “financially” weak members and buyers were dished out to senior government officials in lands ministry, judiciary, registrar of companies, police service and provincial administration.


Very valid argument… But why did all of those whom you’ve mentioned walk away so easily having raped our economy? Like you, they aggressively argued and actually PROVED (and successfully marshalled their kinsmen to backing them) that all of their “predecessors” in regards to committing heinous crimes against our economy roam this land as free, wealthy men and women…until when will this vicious circle continue? Who will break it?

starting with waiguru n the others

fight ON , AGAINST , OF .

never FOR unless wewe ni zile fisi za GADO .

thanks for the correction

I know. especially after full confessions on national TV. Detailing how the loot was split. I agree we are shithole enablers.

Valid points up there

Gwiji wewe

We bought empty containers at 10m each, painted them white…and called them mobile clinics.