Of Fetishes

I have a fetish of an old mama 45-55 giving me some slow, sloppy head and swallowing the load and that is the only one that seems far-fetched for now I can’t figure out how to actualize it.Lord forgive me for I sometimes don’t know how I became a degenerate.


We all have fetishes some are borderline illegal. It’s normal. There were couples mature women in good hope who could help you out. Too bad it closed and they shattered.


Midterm ina Isha lini.


Elders mnajijua. Wekeni namba kwa inbosk ya self proclaimed degenerate.


@mzeemashavu okolea hii kijana homosexoo @Kiongo na number kadhaa asaidike

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This is not the caliber am talking about kitu kama Carol mutuko ama Julie Gichuru fine old milf ama Hawa wako TikTok
Look at something like that


mbona unataka kukula mzazi wako?


good question

Kama hii ata Mimi nitatomba…tena bila condom

Now in my 40s and yap some of these mamas are fine

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Your weed is strong elder.

His fetish can be categorised as normal…i know of some that border on illegal an an elder has said…i know of a rich dude whose fetish is to watch his wife being banged…that is the punishment he gave his wife after catching. Him in the act with his driver…

Hii mali ni swafiiiiiii nimekupatia go ahead uitafute

Huyo ako into cuck i bet he wanks as he watches his wife getting banged and shoots a fat load on the carpet

Ingia inbox nikupee nangos ya mama @Mtingiza_K.itanda .Ananipatianga sloppy head na ndiasa iko na creases na wrinkles ziko na vumbi za white.She is 58years na analipanga 20k per sesshen.Kamependa ma 26 to 30year old men kwa hivyo kama uko out of hio bracket utapata tu sloppy head minus the 20k and other nice goodies

Enda OTC. Kuna macucu wa 70 years

Na hii nongwe @PERDITION ikupee namba za mamake
Huyo hata mavi atakula

Ni ibox number

Respect your age wee mzee

The only advantage I found of fucking milfs ni kuwa you have zero worries about pregnancy. Ule jamaa Guardian Angel I can assure you amemwaga tankers kadhaa inside that milf by now bila kujali consequences. You can’t take that risk with a 22-year old bimbo juu she will try to trap you ujipate ukilipa child support.

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