..of farts and mortein doom

…so now i hadnt gone to the office on sato …not a must that i do, but i have a habit of passing by for a few hours

so today i pulled my heavy legs to jobo, and started doing some useless thing on the computer

Now i had done rice and beans for lunch, my tummy could fill gas cylinders

so boy i was releasing …and releasing …and releasing

knowing so well the watchie was sleeping under the afte heat

…i dint hear my mdosi car coming in

…but i sure heard his voice while he was making way to the office …he is a loud mouth, you know

Knowing that he will pass by my office while heading to his, i had to think fast on how to sanitise the heavy hair

…i quickly reached for the mortein doom can and sprayed the room speedy

…when he opened he said a couple of ‘ei!’

and i asked,

“uko allergic to doom?”


Nigga just go to bed you have done enough today.

wacha watu wakue elder, go boy!


I was an elder as Bingwa Scrotum, it doesnt wet my eyes anymore, little one


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This one will troll for the whole week…as he did with his other handle…here we go again :frowning:


damn! and your whole life just crashed? little life

riff raff :mad: :smiley:

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Bitch niggas not welcome here .

if theres anything that warms my heart, then it must be that i finally got to the jelly part of your heart



So now, u so obsessed with pissing me off

Keep trolling miss, or should i call u a ‘wanna be’

you wasting yourself, I’mma destroy this handle in a bit

Watch it get blocked


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wewe hata sikujui, unatry kuwa relevant unadhani watu walipwa hapa? Panua mkundu kuleee ----> …nakutumia shoga mwenzio

@admin hauwezi form panel ya elders kuvet hizi New NGOMBEs posts kabla ZIkuwe aired.



fala hii ntakuanika kwa sacco. Tuliza upuzi wakulamba tacos



Bwana @admin tengeneza iebc haraka pesi. As a commissioner I will render my service diligently and firmly, all that on pro bono basis.