Of extortionist in-laws

I just read on today’s crazy Monday newspaper section on how a man’s in-laws tend to extort him during the dowry negotiation phase prior to marriage. The situation is even worse if you seem to be financially well off which makes them quote exorbitant bride prices. One thing they forgot to highlight is on how despite paying very high bride prices, some families tend to feel your indebted to them forever as long as you’ve married from their families.
I have a friend who happened to marry from within and happened to be well connected with assets and cash. The lady was a Muslim and this my nigger a Christian, but his social status made them drop the ‘you must convert’ bullshit. The sad part of it is that despite paying bride price, ninja has to part with ‘kitu kidogo’ anytime he meets his father/mother/brothers in-law. There is a day we had gone to drink a bottle in the local pub and bumped into one of the brothers in law. He quickly moved to our table and drunk ‘full tank’ on our bill. I have also heard stories of in-laws who pitch camp in your house and just lazy away as they are fed while demanding to be clothed with nothing to constructive to do rather than watch TV the whole day and round mwenda in town. Way back I had a chiq who often complained to me on how her maternal relatives filled their household every now and then to the extent that their bedrooms were always full and to extents forcing them to share beds.
Villagers, what are your experiences.

Ngai…sasa hii yote nani atasoma???
Summarize tafadhali. …naenda job

Stori yako na niko job haileti shangwe…nimelala!!![ATTACH=full]56014[/ATTACH]


umelala ama umeshiba kiasi huwes amka. Lucky you Christmas came early.

Ni hiyo story yako …

Na-imagine venye umeshiba, Alafu uanze kunyambia boflo Kama unaota:D:D:D:D:D:D


Itabidi bro…hii story ya huyu bingwa haileti bidii


Fanya kazi na uwache kusumbua. Nani alikuambia you’re owed a summary? Mnyambo kwa mug

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Hii story hata kama haileti shangwe, especially with all that Monday blues

I’ll do what my uncle did. Waachie msichana wao coz atajirudisha tu. Those who are extorted are those who are desperate to curve an image ati ni watu wazuri. Kaa ngumu!


Pitia Crown Paints uchague rangi nyingine.

usome aje na hangover ya njemison za kawangware na gilbeys za korogocho

Hapo ndo unampea ball then negotiations zianze.

Before settling on 'the one’i had dropped two good ladies reason being they came with heavy family baggage. One had sisters who would always show up on our dates and even make suggestions regarding holidays etc yet am the one footing the bills. Another came from a very rich family (Kenyatta era money) and her sisters were dating who is who, mara jana alichukuliwa na chopper, mara wako holiday on some exotic island. Sikutaka pressure ya bure so I walked away pole pole. You might love the lady and convince yourself you are going to be just the two of you but truth is in some cases you are married to the whole family.

Bibi ndiye ata rein in her family, a clever wife, knows your like and dislikes and fine tunes everything to that.


I second you on that a good wife comes from Sir JAH



And a clever husband???

Katy Perry ungojee jibu----------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>

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All husbands are clever, you must be one to be able to marry a woman. Its the foolish wife that mess them up!