Of Edward Snowden and Terrorism

The recent terror attacks in Paris and in the USA have again highlighted the dangerous world we are living in. Clearly terrorism knows no borders, languages or race. Also in the wake of advances in internet, social media and mobile telephony, terrorists are having new forums to disseminate their information and recruit gullible new entrants into their dangerous rings of radicalization. Law enforcement agencies are seemingly always on the catch up as these criminals plan and execute their murderous campaigns. Again detection is made difficult by the fact that islamists are radicalizing those whom we least expect in society. While before, they would target poor unemployed and disenfranchised youth, today we see well to do individuals with good jobs/careers and great future being turned into radicalized zombies ready to attack civilized societies into oblivion. Indeed, these are the times when you can trust no one.

It is with this realization that I thought about one Edward Snowden. Snowden, a computer security genious, was a former CIA employee who exposed to the world secret surveillance programs by the US government. Most of this electronic surveillance is conducted by the National Security Agency NSA. It spans from individuals, corporations and even foreign governments. Sometimes even heads of foreign governments have their communications targeted for surveillance. For his actions Snowden had to flee the US and seek refuge abroad as he faces lengthy periods of incarceration if arrested. Coincidentally he found refuge in Russia. Supporters of Snowden especially civil liberty activists see him as a hero for exposing what they consider infringement of right to privacy by the government. His opponents argue that he is a traitor who exposed their country to enemies as they see surveillance as crucial to national security as a way of preventing potential attacks and gathering much needed intelligence.

While the right to privacy is an essential human right for everyone, the line between respecting ones privacy and acting in the public interest is growing thinner by the day. Surveillance is crucial in gathering information that might lead to thwarting of potential threats. No criminal/enemy plans his illegal acts in public. It is all done in private to ensure success. It is therefore obviously crucial that security agencies are able to access these private moments when necessary in order to prevent these illegal activities from being executed. I wouldn’t mind being the subject of surveillance if I posed a threat to public security. They might find some embarrassing things if they tapped my phones, social media accounts and emails like my affair with a married woman, my love for porn, my naked photos etc but they might also thwart that attack that would have needlessly killed hundreds of innocent bread winners, loved ones, kids and destroyed property. It is crucial to note that far from civil liberty activists fears on infringement of privacy, no one really targets just anyone for surveillance. Most of the people targeted are suspects who qualify as such because of their past activities. No one, not even the government cares what you do in private or who you sleep with. Infact, it is impossible for security agencies to keep track of everyone as it is both time and resources consuming. But they should be able to easily track anyone who is of security interest for the good of the public.

I personally think Snowden acted foolishly thinking he is helping the world. He paid a high price for it. For one he had to leave home to go seek refuge in foreign lands. He gave up a great job and a greater future and lost his closeness to family. Even more futile is that the countries that would readily welcome him are the ones with poor human rights records like Russia where he is languishing. He would be gladly welcomed by Kim Jong of North Korea. These countries however only welcome him because they don’t see eye to eye with the US on many things. They are simply saying, ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Also they would hope to utilize his vast knowledge and skills in computer security. Snowden jumped from a frying pan into a blazing fire. For such a young man (32 now) and his brains he surely had a great future ahead. In guka’s words, he suffered fools (civil rights activists) and became a fool himself.

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Kinda hard to decide… Apple CEO said told the us government that they cannot create a backdoor for them in ios because there are no backdoors for good guys

I used to use lavabit.com for my SMTP email since they offered great encryption even for the free-package.
One day i try to get my mail and its not working…no biggie. I figure either my local mail program settings are off or my internet connection isnt too great that day. But this goes on for a week. Even when trying to go directly to the domain, it just seemed to have vanished. Eventually the story comes out that Snowden used the same email service for his correspondence. When the US dept of justice, NSA and all wanted the encryption keys for the servers and all, the owner of the site refused, coz it meant that they would then have access to everyones email on that used that service. So the government, shut them down. Last i heard, the owner was raising funds for his court case against the US govt.

And thats the story of how the NSA tried to get hold of my dick pics from my email address.


[SIZE=1]Osungu.dll[/SIZE] link ya hio story. I have heard of US claiming that Huawei networking equipment has backdoors.

For chinku govt… Same chinku will claim cisco equipment got backdoors for us govt

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Use proton mail… It’s swiss based hence no usa bullchieth

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I dont care anymore. I just use google. If NSA want to look at my mail, let em. its just random stuff from my bros and amazon telling me about exciting deals!

This is the same story used by Kenya police as they go around profiling ‘suspects’. It starts with the small things that can easily be justified and before you know it you’re living in a police state. Why don’t you do some research on the innocent people who were held at Guantanamo bay for years without even an explanation. There were held there since it was more convenient to keep them there and assume they are guilty rather than wait to find proof. With acts like these the terrorists will not have to try too hard to find willing recruits

Definately better to live in a police state than live in a terrorist state. Also i can assure you police dont just go after anyone, they hardly have the time. For them to target you, there is definately something however remote

Sometimes that remote something is your religion but these are the sort of thing you never understand until the day they come for you or one of your own.

It is hardly surprising that when dealing with terrorism they will mostly be dealing with someone of islamic faith. But that is no excuse otherwise they would have arrested all muslims. For them to target someone they have to have a certain connection with terror however remote. Thats given. Problem with muslims generally is that they more often than not sympathise with terrorists and their causes. That obviously creates a unique mistrust from people of other faiths. For example, public condemnation of terror acts is hard to come by from fellow muslims while they will be quick to demonstrate when they feel unfairly treated. That double standard doesnt settle down well with many people

It is a well known fact that governments have funded terrorists to cause havoc. This is in order to scare the masses into agreeing on laws that go against human rights to privacy, being detained without trial etc. Laws which would have never been passed without the scare tactic.
The Solution would be to go after those elements in governments that are funding and training the terrorists. And not giving the governments more powers to control you and me.

Thats a ridiculous theory and you know it!

Which part do u find ridiculous?

That governments have funded terrorist groups? http://www.globalresearch.ca/america-created-al-qaeda-and-the-isis-terror-group/5402881
That ‘false flag’ operations have been conducted on innocent civilians?



Conspiracy theories. You may blame their actions abroad for resulting in groups and rebels but no govt deliberately forms a terrorist organisation complete with religious radicalisation material or even goes further to plan attacks on their motherland. Thats nonsense. Change your news sources and read widely on the geopolitical dynamics.
You will for example know that most of isis leadership was once incarcerated in camp bucca prison in Iraq for various reasons between 2003 to 2009 and thatd where most formed radical ideas including al-baghdadi. Once released they formed isis. That was an unintended result of an action of arresting a lot of young men and holding them together. The hatred they held for thr occupying forces and the then iraqi leadership was enough motivation