Way back when I was a kid I used to frequent our local Kenya National Library.I guess because of donations,several books on European history us[ATTACH=full]146820[/ATTACH] ed to be stocked.The books being colourfully illustrated used to draw my attention.In particular,Roman and Greek history used to liven my times in those cold musty library halls.
Now here I am,spent a whole five hours touring the ruins of Pompei.I can almost visualise the gladiators and beautiful women by the warm pools(ooh and btw compared to most jungus these Italian girls are beautiful,though naskia pia it could be due to the influx of Russian escort babes)

Hii pesa ya energy sector in mzuri kweli. Enjoy your holiday. Let’s mtu.

I can relate. In our days in primary school we had for std 4 geography The New Lands - (The Americas, Aus and N/Zealand) and Std 5 The Old Lands -( Asia and Europe). they fired my imagination of lands far away. It was therefore the fulfilment of a dream to tour Peking (now Beijing) and Shanghai…

The quality of masonry work by the Romans is of unrivalled quality

Beautiful! I’ve a testimony that childhood dreams are very powerful, so always encourage your kids to dream big. Bookmarked for later.

Right next door, lalibelas churches are breathtaking

Pompeii was the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Romans.


Hehehe…hii sio ya hiyo sector bwana

Its actually astonishing.5th century BC na hata water piping…yes,steel water piping was there.Some rudimentary but still piped water into inhouse warm pools