Of Churchill comedians . Comedian Njoro

No idea what what ails this show.



There is a certain "lifestyle"that being a celebrity dictates you live and MAINTAIN… na wale wajanja walitumia Churchill Kama platform ya ku build brand yao… otherwise it is now known that Churchill pays comedians peanuts. Not to beat a man when he is down but let’s face it, Njoro’s “baba yangu Karen/Kiambu” line of comedy was not all that.

:D:D Hizo ni laana za babake juu ya kumtoanisha kwa national TV. That guy has serious unresolved issues with his father that come out as jokes but he needs to sort them out to get his head clear

In the American stand up comedy circuit, most artists make appearances in clubs that have a day along the week dedicated to such acts, just the same way locally we have karaoke on Wednesdays… most of them become urban legends other blow into the movie, radio tv scene it all depends… now in Kenya as soon as your azz appears on tv (which happens to be the only channel) everyone thinks you are in the money… Which is the opposite… and that is why you have a large group of individuals who are either depressed or suicidal, bcuz of what the society expects of them. It’s the pressure… njoro will be the butt of jokes if he was to be found in industrial area trying his luck to be selected for those daily casual jobs.

both of you would get top marks in my sociology class. Good work mbois.

Being broke should not be equated to depression. Sema tuu umesotaa

Zeddy supporting her colleague and friend Njoro.
Depression is real and we males are at the front and center of it because we are expected to provide no matter how hard it gets.
Zeddy has a Colgate smile. Nice!

What Njoro doesn’t want to say is how exactly did he lose it all???

‘Churchill Show’ comedian George Maina, popularly known as Njoro, has appealed for financial support from Kenyans as he battles depression.

Njoro, a father of four, says he “lost everything”, including his finances, in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Some of his money, he said, went towards his father’s stomach cancer treatment. Another portion of his funds, Njoro revealed, got depleted as he battled alcoholism.

“In October, November and December last year, I was at my rock bottom,” Njoro told his fellow comedian Zeddy, who visited him last weekend at his parents’ Nakuru home.

So depressed was Njoro at the time that he attempted suicide in December 2019.

“I wanted to plunge my vehicle at the Rift Valley View Point in Limuru. While making my last prayers, it appears God spoke to a truck driver, who came and tied a towing rope on the rear part of my car. After completing my prayer, I pressed the accelerator paddle, but the vehicle couldn’t move. When I stepped out of my car, the truck driver told me I wasn’t going to kill myself as he watched,” said Njoro.

Prior to the December 2019 suicide attempt, Njoro had tried to kill himself on three separate occasions. Two of the three previous failed attempts, Njoro ingested poisonous chemicals. His other attempt was when he cut himself in the wrist.

In the first quarter of 2020, Njoro battled alcoholism. He says he is almost triumphing over alcohol addiction, and is now appealing to any counselling psychologist to help him overcome mental distress.

“What I need now, is counselling services. Some might say I need to go to rehab, but my drinking problem is no longer there. The depression drugs that I am currently taking are very expensive. However, they are not enough to rid me of depression. I need a counselling psychologist who can help me improve my mental health,” said Njoro.

The funnyman says he has been out of job for months now, and given that COVID-19 crisis can’t allow for Kenyans to converge, eking a living out of humour has been hard for him.

“Comedy is not paying now. I would take any job that I am offered. If one gives me a job today, I would be at my work station the first thing in the morning tomorrow, even if it means borrowing Fuliza funds to raise bus-fare,” he said.

“I am urging any Kenyan out there, who wishes to help me to channel his or her financial help to a contact that comedienne Zeddy will share on her social media pages soon. In summary, what I need, is financial help so that I can get back on my feet and psychological counselling services.”


So the only sucessful comedians in Kenya is Eric Omondi and Churchill?

The guy is not funny so expecting success out of comedy is a long shot. Halafu kwa hiyo article it says he has a car. How about selling it for capital to do something else. Halafu hawa comedians wa churchill humala kuhit bigtime right away. There’s a youtube channel that interviews mostly American comics. One common theme with them is the amount of time they put in to hone their skills. Mtu ako stage 5-6 nights.

Eric ilibidi atoroke Churchill kwanza ndio apate pesa, sa ii they engage as equals. Ukiwa kwa Churchill utabaki masikini

It did take a while to get himself established while he built his brand. You can use Eric to sell products, but can you use the other Churchill comedians to do the same, to the same extent? Churchill is a blessing. For comedians to get such a national audience for free is next to impossible. The problem is not Churchill but the comedians themselves. They dont research enough to build a unique identity. They dont hone their skills, as mentioned above.
Just saying you are a Churchill comedian, should be enough to get you paid to open events, for a fee. If you are good enough. But hey, who am I to critique.

nlicheka hio part alisema alilamba rat and rat kama glucose.Comedy is a joke in the country…we had a guy in haeskul called owiti…funniest person i ever knew,he was known the entire nyanza region the entire 4 years…won lots of national accolades during drama.we expected him to be a hit after school,he tried auditions in churchill and many local tv shows bt none gave him opportunities…Skuizi he is a truck driver,meanwhile kina sleepy david and consumator are kenyas finest comics

unless waangukie job kwa radio stations…hawa wasee huwa na dry jokes wengi wao…
shida pia ukiwambia wako chini wanageuka suicidal kama mulamwa

Nowdays kuna many platforms za media so hapa hakuna excuse

Jimit hii August bado wabukusu wanatahiri. Fika huko umalizwe bro

Maisha ni journey…I liked njoros work…takes a man to be honest about noma…

most of us aint…ajimade ama ahustle…sadly end is the same…

he should try find the funny side to a not so funny one called life…true comics…find jokes where it hurts…life

…and then…you are george carlin…

then kifo…sisi wote

Repeat…laugh cry laugh die

Maybe one of his 4 kidos should make fun of him now… lolest

Sure the dude will find his way…support support support…mad props to the lady comedian for keepn it real

If he still hasn’t fulizaD yet, I bet he is doing well.
I think he is seeking public sympathy, just like the guy who conned Kenyans 2.1mirrions the other day.
And btw why use Zeddy’s platform yet he is more popular than her? Doesn’t make sense.

Ushatahirisha clit ya mama yako kwanza ndo tuongelee iyo story??