Of beautiful headlights. Whatever happen?

i miss the old headlight design. Round headlights in pairs. I think they looked beautiful. The new age headlights are beautiful in their own rights. Feast your eyes


Those headlights were SEALED BEAMS. the whole headlight is a bulb. if it cracked or the seal leaked, is was kaput.
Styling was limited because they had to be sturdy and the manufacturing process required them to look like that. they have disadvantages in the way they project light producing glare etc
On the other hand, they werent prone to fogging due to age or degradation of the glass. they rarely got burnt. some would do decades. they also had very powerful beams. gari ikikuja one km away ikiwa na sealed beam ya STANLEY utafikiria iko hapo nyuma tu.
was replaced by lighter polycarbonate plastic reflector lamps using bulbs, and the reflector lamps are now being replaced by plastic polycarbonate projector lamps.

Hizo gari naziona nakumbuka series ilikuwa inaitwa Burn Notice

Makes sense the technical aspect. As all old things are replaced by new and better. But i see the challenger still has round lights. I feel the design was beautiful

Daaamn i Loved that series. Now i have to download all seasons and binge watch one more time.

It was beautiful, but also limited designs. can you imagine a vitz/premio/c200 in the current designs with those lights. plastic lights provide unlimited designs. in between those round lights and current plastic lights they tried square-ish glass lights using complete bulbs inside around early '90s, but the glass cracked easily on vibration in that shape. so plastic ruled.

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Round(ed) headlights were American regulation. Thus American made and/or American spec import vehicles had to have this type of headlights.
Peugeot & Merc had different headlight setup for European spec & American spec vehicles.
BMW styled their vehicles to have rounded headlights.

Lakini some peugeot had round lights… I am however not sure they were stock. And man did they look sinister. Also some mercs as well[ATTACH=full]163050[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]163051[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]163052[/ATTACH]

so voc ya sinister ilikuwa must utumie, sio ?

We have to embrace change, and especially in tech field : change is inevitable .Pia hapa Ktalk watu walilalamika sana, but they have finally absorbed.


0ne of my aaaaaaaaaaall time favourites. I watched from s1e1 to s7e13. The narrations were sublime!

The first green car looks too dope!

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I think it is an alpha romeo. Model sijui


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