Odoyo Killing It In South Korea...

Wilfred Onyango Odoyo might not be a household name in Kenya, in part, due to his unique line of work and given the relatively slow uptake of technology in the country.
In South Korea, however, Odoyo has done some groundbreaking work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, having pursued his entire university studies in the Asian country.


The luos are like the germans of europe only that they have been following Raila Odinga politically for long.
They should get a non self centered leader and they will hit the sky.

True halfway…minus RAO blaming…We get knocked down KenyaIto style, but like the lyrics say…

Which parameters are you using for comparison? Are you comparing, luo nyanza to Bavaria? Or jaluo jinga jeuri to a German?

intellectually .

naona samantha nyuma ya odoyo:D:D:D