ODMorons, Nikiskia BBI Tena, I will Slap you, I swear

What’s wrong with Raila Jameni.

Is it Age or is it Poor advisors.

Let’s revisit the reason why BBI failed.

  1. It was a cleaver plot to snick Raila to PM position through panya route incase he didn’t win PORK
  2. Public Initiative should be not be initiated and or drive by Executive or Parliament. It should be purely a Public driven process
  3. BBI was structured to be voted as “the whole shabang”, while Ruto had proposed a line-by-line Yes/No Vote.

Refresh Baba’s Memory.

He should not tie BBI to Formalizing Office of the Opposition leader and Functions.

And for the record, ODMers, this office is not being created for Raila Amollo Odinga. The official opposition leader will probably be an MP. Once the legislation goes through, their are plans to sponsor a Raila rebellion and have someone and a team formally occupy this office.

we don’t really care

Practicing what we say is Hard!.. :smiley:


Slap your wife. Huku nje tutakupasua hiyo kichwa yako.

NV jua punctuation kwanza. Maneno ya mifumo na mipangilio ya serikali achia high school graduates.

Straw man, I’ll spare you the slap. I think you get the message Lol

Wewe toto jinga wanena siasa na bado mavi yako haijafika baharini? Kitoto cha juuuzi eti sasa kimekomaa kisiasa…Baba is the father of Democracy.
Question, how was the leader of a losing coalition be a PM under BBI? I thought mlisema this PM was created for HE Uhuru once Odinga becomes president…Hivi, bogi ya Kenya kwisha imeoza mauongo kwanzia nabii down to you, his minions?

And learn the difference btwn their and there. SAWA

Idiot @Mbakaya still in campaign mode.
We mended fences with uncle ruto long time ago. It’s over, get back to work. Or get one

Fool still in campaign mode… Bado ako na chuki na watu juu ya siasa:D

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@ChifuMbitika na tusirudie kukuambia ii tena

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