ODM soon to lead a NO campaign for BBYaii

Didn’t see this coming :D:D

Vindu vichenjanga.


hehe interesting times.We all knew Uhuru is a betrayer.Raila na Ruto washikane I will vote for that duo.The mt kenya mafia has only taught us that they are a selfish bunch who don’t mean well even for felloe mt kenyans

It was too early,it’s still early to conclusively talk about the next president and amendment

I thought we were to separate BBI from the election

Quit Handshake if You Want; David Murathe Tells Raila

If Raila Odinga wants to EXIT the HANDSHAKE, he can do so without THREATS . UHURU has been so kind to him all this time. Enjoying State power for the Government he did not contribute anything. If he wants to go out,let him do it. Uhuru did not promise him SUPPORT in 2022.HANDSHAKE was not about 2022."~David Murathe.

Those are just empty threats.

These politicians are in simplest terms looking on the side their bread is buttered… More like, ’ I will lead my minions away from you if you don’t agree to let me achieve my goal" nothing personal, just business as usual.

Ranny and Hot Chocolate pls come hear for one second.

Well said elder

all you fools kindly explain to me IS ALAI THE ODM SPOKESMAN AU RAILAS SPOKESMAN?

Hii ndio kitu hunishangaza na hii Kenya yetu. It’s so ingrained in people’s minds that government = teat to suck from and kiboko to beat others with. The actual reason for government has been completely forgotten that nobody questions the absurdity of statements like Murathe’s anymore.

That’s exactly what am trying to comprehend. The last time I checked Alai was throwing subliminals at ODM

Railalettes are panicking.

hata mimi nimeshangaa and all those guyz wame comment b4 me ni kama wameona hio statement ni Mbadi ameandika au Orengo

Homeguards betrayed their own kin and THEY thought they were different?

Is Itumbi the spokesperson of Jubilee [WSR] ¿

The gossip I got jana from a real insider left me speechless.

Tupe uhondo