ODM rhetorics on Gen z marks the end of it's hay days

The generation z monicker has emerged in Kenya to represent the voiceless the invisible people. The commoner and now have woken to the reality that these octonegerians in government and opposition are two sides of a coin…
The recent ODM outbursts on gen z protests marks the end of ODM and people gen z will voice their grievances through the ballot.
These octonegerians should retire as they age without wisdom and their minds have grown cold and senile to the suffering of a common man.
Ruto must go is their slogan…three words that may liberate Kenyans from economic saboteurs

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Which genZ has resources to campaign across the country, they are right sikatai but also hizo ghaseeer hazina kura in the first place . Will we vote a president wearing shades and earrings?

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Times have change and each day ends a generation it’s possible, autonomous change is inevitable then it’s the Mt Kenya billionaires kina uhuru behind all these fracas, the gen zee are a front for the mountain power brokers real power


Inshort the ancient rich mount Kenya thieves are behind this pandemonium , I thought they are dying one by one like the SJ pimp. They should be identified and finished . Why is Lootall not busy solidifying his grip on power ?

The problem with Ruto his cronies have a tendency of primitive looting and zero exposure to realise development. They just loot everything…
Then they don’t have class despite being moneyed look at sudi, murkomen, money no class. Class spur development

The cronies have been send away , what else do you want Jamaa afanye? Jamaa chose to listen and send his powerful power brockers away . He is a saint now . Munataka DICKtator kama mu7 or kagame? Ruto can decide to go that way and you will do nothing… let’s give the man a chance since he is cooperating. I said nothing changes , we can move from bad to worse by following stupid kids way and we don’t know who is behind the pandemonium. Kenyatta’s are greedy motherfuckers so is JAruo Rao na mkamba qalonzo. Let the man work

I am record for saying gen z is going to indirectly render Raila and ODM toothless. That is why you see ODM leaders ranting everywhere. they know they are finished