ODM panics in Kibra.

Never underestimate the hustler, he’s slowly and surely turning the tide in Kibra which is supposed to be a die hard ODM zone so who should be the one complaining?.

interesting times…ODM is fighting for Kibra,

Ruto is a formidable personality. I may not vote for him, but I will admit that among the top 5 kenyan politicians (Uhunye, Madvd, Rao, Musyoka, and Ruto), he is the most formidable.

They are preparing for the usual song increase they lose

Jupilii inawida na imetuma ma German shepherds huko kibra wanatumia ukola na watapata hii kiti !

Liwe Liwalo…

toa kalonzo hapo, he is a coward. Mudavadi tamed the dollar from 80 to 50 after 1992 elections, but has no spine.
Uhuru had a meeting with “ranebaga” and they discussed Raila, the handshake confirmed Uhuru’s words. Ruto has no competitor.

With stick and stones

@qalonzo, utajitetea ukiwa upande upi?:D:D

My exact sentiments!! He has a very strong character…a very determined person.Surely there’s certain things/traits money can’t buy such as the ones he has.

they became too confident let their guard down .and now they have to fight for it … dont mess with rutode .2022 liwe liwalo

teach 'em 'uncle ruto liwe liwalo

ODM ni upuzi

IEBC wins elections in Kenya. [SIZE=1]my friend says.[/SIZE].

A man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves. all his kids have gone through 8.4.4

The money he has is a buy-product of his personality.

Juzi I watched a documentary of YK 92. I think I posted it here. In it, they cover Ruto as well as the other YK characters like Jirongo etc. I found his thought process after campus very interesting. I mean, most guys after campus would want to get a job in a blue-chip company and build a career from from there. Ruto, instead of looking for a job, begun hanging around the KANU offices and volunteering his services even though he was broke as hell and was staying in Kawangware. He first worked for Julia Ojiambo then he heard about YK and planted himself there, becoming Jirongo’s “mtu wa mkono” as he himself once put it.

After sometime, Jirongo found his drive and intelligence very useful and begun giving him tenders. The first tender Ruto got was for 1.2m from jirongo and the rest is history.

The point is, Ruto is a man who thinks differently and btw he is a man who has never formally been employed

You people never learn, do you? The issue here is not ODM winning in Kibera but a puppet planted there instead in the name of Mariga. We know too well IEBC decides the winner and not the voters but why would any Kenyan in his right mind support leadership by Ruto or any of his illiterate vifarangaas after seeing the situation we are in right now?? It’s either you guys are way too dumb or brainwashed beyond redemption. Mimi nilihama Maasai Mara nikafwata @magreb pale UG, so nyinyi endeeleni kupigwa shtick proper.

do you think “baba’s bedroom” kibra will get any worse than it is now?

I dont understand your question

I told people that Raila will be used and dumped.now things are starting to happen. If Raila loses Kibra and after he loses the BBI referendum, he will be of no use and will be discarded, It is starting already as defeat is emminent[ATTACH=full]264247[/ATTACH]