They have given CS Rotich 72 hours to reverse the VAT on fuel decision, failure to which he will face mass protest and censure motion.
I wonder why Jubilee MPs are so mute even when their own people are being downtrodden. Cowards!
Seems like I will join a mass protest soon.
This thing of fuel hike will only enlarge the vicious cycle of poverty.


Swipe hii unapata instant discount

Hoe-di-hem ni meffi tupu. They sold us with a plate of handcheque.

It’s a chance for someone from odm to move out of Railas shadow, if they play their cards well, they would be seen as liberators from the shackles of economic oppression.

ION kwani demolitions ziliisha? Ama ilikua ku hood wink the public

How many people have cars in Kenya as a percentage of the total population? Anybody with a vehicle in kenya is rich and deserves to pay extra tax

Right now in Venezuela raia wanalilia kwa choo. They have started migrating to neighbouring country. Peasant wameamua waende wote gava ikose watu wakulipa ushuru.

Very shallow bruh… everything touching on fuel has a ripple effect not only on those who own cars!

akili finyu saidi. Ulisomea wapi mblo?

jubilee hoyee,no regrets so far,kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea ,tarmacked roads means less fuel used

The govt will be praised after this, wait and see

Are the people using matatus also rich and deserve to pay tax?

Is the sugar / unga being delivered by trucks only going to be consumed by rich tax payers?

I thought kerosene was also increased…oh and matatu fares might also go up


Manze wewe ni fala :D:D

Fuel is not just used in vehicles,soon those who dont own a car will also feel the heat through commodities they buy

This are the sad degrees from Punjab, afadhali ungekaa tu pale jevanjee mkidiscuss handshake

Enyewe hapo gava imetutomba hkm. Am in nyeri now and have to fuel my thirsty v6 at 129 per liter.
who has a hybrid nikurushie rtgs sai

Kenya ni Kubayaaaa

Wewe unafikiria na mcoondu. The peasant sukuma and ugali that you eat is ferried from the shamba to the market by vehicles, which use petrol or diesel. An increase in fuel will ultimately mean that the bigger burden will be passed onto the consumer i.e you the peasant. Think brother think. Wacha kutumia mkundu badala ya akili!