I pity how Nairobi ODM MCA aspirants were treated to a fiasco like never before, most of them were the most popular candidates in their respective wards and the incumbents stood no chance of flooring them but on Sunday during the party primaries almost every other ODM aspirants retained sits just like Kidero.
There was this particular MCA aspirant from umoja 2 ward by the name of Nicholas owiso who even got an interview on radio jambo and the support he got was overwhelming not just from his ward but the entire county.
In umoja 2 ward the winner clinched the ticket after “defeating” his bitter rival by only 7 votes During the 2013 primaries he “won” by 13 votes.[ATTACH=full]97450[/ATTACH]

Kevin Hart ako ODM?:eek::eek::eek::eek:

[ATTACH]97459[/ATTACH] need a medic

yaani owiso alishindwa?? Heard the interview akiwa na akina Mbusi na Lion. Jamaa was very confident of a win.

Nice catch…

what happens when you rob a people of all their power and go on to rub it in?

Vengeance follows inform of apathy or rebellion

Ebu chunguzeni vile ma MCA Wa ODM wame retain ward za kwenu

Is that good is bad uyo ( in your opinion)

they were the only performers and atieno was very happy with them…

@nairobilay wapi Kevin hart hapo[ATTACH=full]97463[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]97463[/ATTACH]


enyewe walichezea biggie kiatu hapo but haina was tunapata kings huko mbele #shaddy

No matter what he does to them JaKuon’s supporters are so brainwashed that they will follow him into oblivion. I hope that 2017 will be the last time we go through this ritual. There doesn’t seem to be another Odinga in sight to take over the con game.

Not so fast.
Oburu’s sons may just be pushed into politics now that babuon doesn’t have an apparent heir.

Kidero na hizo MCA ngombe rigged zinaenda home by saa tisa 8/8

If the trend of reducing IQ by 10 points per generation continues, that would mean that the next contenders would be in the 50-69 range, moving us from borderline deficiency to moron.

You beat me to it bana…:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Ouch! :D:D

When you hear of ‘Tukutane kwa debe’ its not just about 2mbilis and Naswadiots. It will also be about teaching some people some lessons in denying the people their choice and consigning the various tingods into political oblivion