I pledge my loyalty to the Orange Democratic Movement. ODM is the second biggest party in Africa after the ANC of South Africa. I know most of you will argue ODM has never someone occupying the house at the hill(but we all know the narrative). ODM is the only party that has governors from atleast every corner of the country. ODM is still ODM when PNU has transformed to TNA then to JAP then JAPP or JUP (i dont know the initials of the latest party…lolz read sarcasm)…So i dont care if your dad is a city birrionea riving in Kitsuru neither do i care if your mum is a cabinet secretary and bought you an Aston Martin for your 20th bday neither do i care how many birrioneas come from your virrage neither am i intimidated by large red nazi symbol billboards placed all over town neither do i care how many mps and MCAs have defected from ODM to Jubiree…I dont care if the hired SUVs were old model prados or latest model TXs…I dont care about how many delegates came to Kasarani and how much they were paid if they were ever paid…You can have all the instruments of power but you can never have the people and if you doubt download ntimamas videos to see how it went down…I guess PR didnt anticipate that…
Back to ODM…I love consistency…I love ideologies… JP is only formed to catapult Ruto to state house(woe unto him) without any ideologies…I fail to understand how a party that has failed to implement its 99% of the manifesto and still goes ahead to launch another outfit with other manifestos all together and villagers are still happy not because of the content but because of the vehicles and the colour red…Vehicles that were hired for a day or two then afterwards all stickers removed …seriously how sick can we get?
But because status quo has to be maintained people will still go ahead and vote…citing SGR as the latest development brought about by JAP or should i say JP…C’mmon spare us the time we all know these projects were flagged of by the Coalition government and some school of thought will argue that JP has implemented it but noope it is not the JP but Chinese…Before you place your hands on the keyboard to start blogging about cars and simba 01 in Kwale Mombasa opening taps and electricity in pathetic houses ask yourself will my kids ever be happy? am i doing justice to future generations? But because you still live in Dad’s homestead where you are given food and credit and some few thousand shillings to go drink some second generation liquor and cause havoc in your little village…you will never understand ideologies…your small little mind will forever be fascinated by red hired cars…Gay out drops mic

GO TO HELL,god damn it, go get married and be screwed in ua a** for 30+ years ,seitani

says someone who is still being called kadaddy and the furthest place he has been to is Muranga town…dude you need to get married first ndo vitu kama colour red iache kukufurahisha

At least make an effort to make your wall of text appealing to read, gayboy.
Did not read.

Ulianza vizuri…

@culture ndio huyu jamaa wako kuja na kisu yako

Please hamia jubilee. Hatukutaki ODM. Pale jubilee utapata mahomo wenzako kama @Wakanyama

World is in trouble
Anytime BigMark come
Batty bwoy get up an run
At gunshot me head back
Hear I tell him now talkers

Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
BigMark no promote no nasty man
Dem haffi dead

Hamia chama cha mashoga
wacha kuhaibisha chama chetu cha baba

brarrie kwayos

Nimewachia kwa Orange

ODM is the perfect party for you ,you will feel at home with your fellow sewage diggers

[SIZE=6]Kenya PM orders gays’ arrest[/SIZE]

Prime Minister Raila Odinga addresses a rally in Kamukunji, Nairobi on November 28, 2010. Photo/STEPHEN MUDIARI

By LUCAS [email protected]
Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Sunday ordered for the arrest of gay couples.

Addressing a rally at Kamukunji grounds in his Langata Constituency, the PM said their behaviour was unnatural.

“If found the homosexuals should be arrested and taken to relevant authorities,” Mr Odinga said.

The PM thrilled the crowd when he asserted that the recent census showed there were more women than men and there was no need for same sex relationships.

He said it was madness for a man to fall in love with another man while there were plenty of women and added that there was no need for women to engage in lesbianism yet they can bear children.

Mr Odinga’s statement is likely to rub activists the wrong way since they recently went public to campaign against homophobia.

[li]IN PICTURES: Raila at Kamukunji rally[/li][/ul]
The remarks also come months after Special Programmes Minister Esther Murugi attracted the wrath of Kenyans for calling for recognition and acceptance of gays.

On Sunday, Mr Odinga accused the ‘No’ team of misleading Kenyans during the campaigns that the new constitution recognises same sex relationships.

He said the group opposed to the new constitution was wrong when they implied that that the document would promote abortion.

Mr Odinga said the new Constitution is the most progressive in the world and took issue with Suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto for going round the country thanking people for voting ‘No’ yet “the constitution passed long time ago.”

The Eldoret North MP was the defacto leader of group opposed to new constitution.

Mr Odinga said the balls is now in leaders and government court to implement the new constitution so that Kenyans could enjoy its benefits.

He said the government is capable of resolving rows that have threatened to delay or hinder the implementation of new constitution.

The PM also refuted the inclusion of Kamukunji as an outlawed group.

“Kamukunji is a lawful organisation. As the Prime Minister of Kenya I have said Kamukunji is is a lawful organisation,” Mr Odinga said.

Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo who concurred with the PM said the law on organised crime must comply with the constitution.

She said the Kamukunji group, whose members contribute Sh20 every Sunday, was free to meet and that police should stop unlawful harassment.


Why Am I not surprised…(that Gay Dog is Luo and an ODm supporter,Frankly it hasn’t come as a shock.) You fit there perfectly.