ODM Jubilee to field one presidential candidate 2022

Days after President Uhuru declared he would support a successor among his 2017 opponents, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has confirmed that the Jubilee and ODM parties have begun talks aimed at forming a coalition.
According to Tuju, the two parties had been cooperating in and out of the August House and were looking for ways to formalize their alliance.
“We (Jubilee) want to have active engagement with ODM as we head towards 2022 elections in terms of coming up with an alliance which is in the cards,” Tuju said
Tuju announced on Friday that a committee has been constituted and is tasked with developing the framework upon which the coalition will be built.
Tuju stated that the committee will submit its conclusions in 14 days and that the political outfit is also open to negotiations with other parties interested in joining them.
President Kenyatta is said to have asked Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, his National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters, and other political leaders to join at a meeting with Ukambani leaders at State House earlier this week, implying that he could endorse them in 2022


Kama sio Mukhisa Kituyi PhD tunaenda Sugoi

Waseme candidate wao ni welder . Otherwise tuko Sugoi

Free advise to Tuju and company
Wasipatie Kenyans Dynasty e.g. akina Moi, etc
Wasipatie Kenyans white washed politicians who have been on the political scene since Kenyatta days e.g. akina MaDVD, Raila, Kalonjo, etc
Wasipatie Kenyans watu wako na corruption cases or previous brushes with the law or whose relatives have been involved in corruption e.g. akina Murathe, Mutua Governor, Joho, etc
Finally wasipatie Kenyans ([SIZE=1]and am ashamed to say this because am a modern kenyan:rolleyes:[/SIZE]) a Kikuyu or Kalenjin candidate so akina Muturi speaker wako out.

A good candidate they can pick and Kenyans of all tribes will appreciate ni mtu ka Mukhisa Kituyi. By end of this month tutakuwa tumesahau his nudes.

Otherwise Arror is currently unstoppable and the traditional politicians have absolutely no chances against him. He needs someone who will completely change the political scene to challenge him.