ODM is filthy rich


Kenyans,a sad affair

Why does ODM have to bribe Jaluos this early?

Inanikumbusha ile 50 bob upeanwa pale mombasa railway station na mombasa cement kwa feeding center. We used to call it ‘hamusini mbovu’.

Hebu sema ManGiddy is filthy rich. Tutawamwagia pesa ya KANU sawa sawa roundi hii. Sugoi man hadi atii.

Whoa! Kuna philanthropists hapa nje man!

I have said a million times that Africans are below Monkeys in Hierarchy of APES.

I have been vindicated

Watu lazima wakule…from there waende karen wakule tena

Mbuzi analishwa

Keep them poor and hopeless. This should be criminalised, corrupting the minds of young and venulrable with bribes. Nothing good good can come out such leaders

Seems to be someone vying for a seat in some constituency

@mlipuayote I like your sarcasm mastery

Sukoi man gives everyone 5k pale karen. So what is wrong with ODM giving a mere 1k?

1k ni fare tu, at least 5k wafanye shopping. Don’t sell yourself for nothing

Hatuna aibu. We love handouts. And our politicians like this arrangement. This makes it easy for them to manipulate us.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]*Filthy!![/SIZE] indeeed

The guy supplies every family in the area with a complete package of food and water every week by family size. Kama uko na watoi watano, you get a full bail of ugali floor and cooking oil plus money. He also builds houses for you if you have land. Kun philanthropists hii kenya na huwa hawafuatwi na macamera kujionyeshana