ODM cows....Ruto is being made president by Uhuru


Can these people just decide on a conspiracy theorem and stick to it. Wako very wishy washy.

I agree. By the time Tinga realises, too little time will be left. He wont separate himself from Jubilee failings. Remember a candidate fronted by the retiring president is a tricky one. Uhuru and Ruto wanted to avoid direct nomination and it’s effects as was the case in 2002.

NO sir the beef betwin LOOTALL and JAYDEN is real na haitaisha . baba is the Man .

Gideon is the man lakini anaenda sacho asubuhi akimaliza kupigia Rao kura.

Either your sarcasm is great…or you’re dumb

bado mko kwa hii ndoto… 4yrs down the line but still in denial? ooh you guys pray and wish that uhuru will wake up one day and say ruto tosha?:D:D:D enyewe siasa is a game of musical chairs, ruto an incumbent deputy president is getting harsher treatment that even an MCA from kapseret, to the extend that his zealots perceive everything as staged. They cant forthom how an incumbet deputy president can undergo such humiliation.

Tombaaaa siasa.

Maybe Alai hajarushiwa za mashoo

Finally someone has said what I have been thinking.

The mighty hustler movement won’t be rolling if uhuru and ruto were still close.

Tinga was played big time. He inherited the curse that befell uhuru when moi propped him.

If there was peace between uhuruto; Tinga by 8am would have won next year.

All the war is stage managed to fool tinga. Bookmark this .

this is totally feasible, I would not be surprised if Uhuru becomes a ruto supporter at the last moment having taken advantage of the Luo kingpin just to keep the bonobos calm…

ni sawa wacha tuombeane dua

Alai is a goon for hire, will work for the highest bidder

Niaje Jura? Zile bedsitter za Kitengela umemaliza kujenga? Zile tractors zangu zinaingia Monday from Japan. I am looking forward to get some suitable agricultural institutions to purchase the lot

chief angalia inbox

Bedsittr unalipisha ngapi

you are a big blind fool

Why would uhunye pressure the opposition to unite, if he is indeed for this lootall thing???

True. It’s a script written by Uhunye na Ruto. Again, it is easier to mobilise Mount Kenya and the Rift against Tinga than MDVD or Kalonzo. That’s why Uhuru is rooting for Tinga.