[li]Africans consider being fat or obese a sign of prosperity, most men also like chubby women[/li][li]Eating meat is considered as a sign of living large despite the ill effects associated with red meat[/li][li]Drinking black tea is viewed as a sign of living in poverty while taking milky tea or white coffee is living good.[/li][/ul]

I’m pretty sure you’ve posted this thread before. Ghaseer.

Come to your sense Elder, umesahau ulisha post hii udaku? Enyewe uzee ni mbaya

Lini fala hii?

Waafrica wamekula nyama tangu stone age na hakuna ule amekufa until chemicals zilianza kutumiwa kwa kila consumables then sheet went sideways.
Brits,chinkus,japs,indonesians take their tea black ,poor bastards. Somali women are fat but rarely die of heart failures

True. 4 Masai morans eat an entire goat but never suffer from cholesterol related problems

Everything western is a scam

Lakini hawakuli the same way sisi tunakula nyama siku izi…wangekua wanakula at the rate we eat now hawangekua na mbuzi yoyote sahii…

People drive to the the gym only to get on a treadmill and start running/walking