Oceans deeps

How many love the ocean? Apart from cleansing corneas with bikini clad lassses on beaches I usually think more about what can be really in the deep.
Less than 30% of the oceans have been explored. Reading from the Bible , Leviathan roams freely in the ocean deep ,a kind of super huge strong monster which will one day turn and cause alot of Earthquakes.
How many agree with me that deep inside the Challenger deep there might be undiscovered super snake or animal which can cause terror on the land of living ? Something like this ;

I don’t know.

Tema jaba ulale kijana.

It’s very interesting though am always fascinated by mysteries. But mkiskia penye kuna mermaids niambieni please

Watchout for them valleys and where you step whilst where you wade through . Sometimes back i.nearly drowned whilst trying to save a man who was drowning.

It baffles me how man is determined to explore the outer space yet we have never visited or explored the deepest points of our oceans.

Tech. Tech. Tech. Dealing with deep ocean pressure ain’t no child play