Occam's Razor

I went down to the clinic four days after developing blisters at the back of my neck which I initially thought was as a result of a spider bite. The blisters were itchy, just like a spider bite, but when another patch of blisters developed on the skin of my right shoulder blade… I got a bit worried.

My buddy, Friend Dude, said I was dying and I should write a will leaving him my cameras… or apply some fungal cream, shut the fvck up and ‘man’ through it. As usual, I discarded his shitty advice.

So, at the doctor’s, I had to pay 1000 for consultation. We had a semi-long discussion about stuff I ate, sexual activity, yada yada yada. The good doctor said it might be a case of whatchamacallit. The prescription cost around ~2500. Some creams and some antibiotics – with instructions to go back if no change appears within one week.

On day six of infection, yet another patch of blisters appeared on the side of my neck. The day after, YET another patch on my chest. I went into a tizzy. Since it was Saturday and I had to attend a white veil event, I made a mental note to go back to the doctor’s first thing on Monday if I still lived by then. In the meantime I might as well take Friend Dude’s advice --won’t hurt.

He sent me a Telegram text with many synonyms of the word cunt but right at the end instructed me to get Clob-B. So I did.

On Sunday I woke up with a noticeable improvement. I went to town on the Clob-B application. It appeared to work after all. That evening, I could see that the blisters were fading away. On Monday morning, my neck and shoulder were almost clear and by Tuesday morning… all was practically clear. The simplest solution. I never went back to the clinic because fvck the doctor. I believe Clob-B and the blood of Zeus healed me.

Mmmh. Will you look at that? Great to be alive and healthy, yeah? Yeah.


[SIZE=1]This tale has no lesson to be learnt. It just starts and ends. If you want to learn something listen to Dalai Lama… or something.[/SIZE]

@TerribleWaste of time.

I can @NeverForget that this @kelele tu is just a @TerribleWaste of time

Nice write

you may have treated the symptoms but you need to find out the actual cause of the blisters because if you don’t treat the cause the will come back again.sorry if I sound like dalai lama