Obsession with Spelling

Nimekuja kugundako kitu. The reason some niggas here are suddenly obsessed with pressuring everyone to use the correkt grammar is because they plan to scrape this site for AI large language models.

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Those are class two dropouts kina uwesmakende who want to impress young men here Dio wawafungue boot

I seriously hate people who make these types of grammatical errors:

  1. This things are mine.
  2. These boy is intelligent.
  3. There dog disappeared.
  4. I am coming their.
  5. The man congratulated her daughter.
  6. Jane visited his brother.
  7. I can’t be able to come this weekend.
  8. Your going to be fined for the mistake.

Ile kitu huniudhi zaidi ni mtu akijiintroduce by saying, “My names are…”

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Oh yes that one. “My names are Kimakia aka Thirimaii the chief faggot.”