Obsession with religion

Please, watch this video. It is completely worth the time.

  • A pastor dorning a pistol kwa matako na yuko kwa pulpit akihubiria kondoo ndani ya kanisa!
  • The hugest ever Noah’s ark! It’s even huger than the original Noah’s ark that was built by the six hundred years old man over a period of one hundred years! But, rather disappointingly, it has way less animals. Lakini you get to see some of the rarest and some presently extinct animals kama vile akina dinosaurs who are said to have been very abundant only 4 thousand years ago!



You don’t have to mock them you know, live and let live

Reminds me of a cartoon of 2 foetus inutero arguing that their mother does not exist and there is no life after the womb. The most shocked people in the after life will be atheists. Just like the people who drowned after the ark was locked. They had never seen it rain and thought rain was a figment of Noah’s imagination. Did you see the utter terror on their faces as the rain start sweeping them away. I wish I could laugh at you all atheists but hell isn’t a place I’d wish on my worst enemy. May God deliver you from deception.


Religion thrives on fear
Sadly theists can’t see that

And no thanks

I’m far well off without the homicidal wanker in my life

They should be mocked.