Obsession With Kikuyu Women

Kenya is obviously a tribal country and the community which seems to get the most vitrol is Kikuyu. Their women have almost reached a mythical status you will hear stories of their cunning, desirebility and Manipulative nature. Kikuyu women are one of the most talked about groups of people in kenyan media and social media. Wengi wenu mtalia meffi thread lakini even take a look at this thread muone how many times Mighty Mungikiress have featured. Maybe its just because they are the majority ama its because rumours of Kikuyu people having being a Matriachal society has some founding.
Whatever the case they are an enigma both feared and admired in our society. What is abundatly clear though is that our society has a very weird Fetish for kikuyu women…?

Watu hawakusoma … ama wacha tu.

And when all is said and done, they’ll still vote with their dicks and brains and marry the “bad” agìkùyù (Gema) women!

Can you believe anything?

That is the category error!

When Egyptian talked of a goddess, they had this mighty women in mind.
Am a father to one Kikuyu girl!

TSK!!! Voting ni the wrong forum hapa, dicks here don’t vote, they panda nduthis au pea nyaps hi 5!!

We aren’t a matriarchal society. We are an egalitarian society.

Voting in this context means choosing!

let us take a pole about prostitution in kenya…which is the leading tribe?

Kikuyus will always be largely overly rep in most facets of our country because they make up 23% of the country

That is true but ive heard stories of Gikuyu people being a matriachy in the past

Sijasoma na sisomi

Napita tu…:slight_smile:

yeah I think my time at KTalk is up…thanks for them laughs y’all. adieu

Bana you need to start a proper ‘goodbye thread’…

Niachie mbana, shoste wewe

Niaje feminazi? Hata wewe unaenda kufungua blog?

I’m 100% true blood Kikuyu but I fear Kikuyu women.
I have tried twice to sire and settle with them but bilaz!!

I don’t think I will ever find what I look for in a long term relationship where we grow old together me and a woman in a Kikuyu woman.

Kikuyu Ladies, you need to take a chill pill and just be WOMEN.
There is more to life than financial success and kushinda ukiji- compare na friends and relatives.
Ambition mingi makes you so undesirable.

And I’m 100% SAPERE!

But i think people missunderstand kikuyu ladies ni wazuri sometimes

When your pockets are good. But that can be a danger as well.

Do the same for the clients since prostitutes do not prostitute themselves to oxygen