Obscurity in Kenya Govt

  1. Oil leaves Turkana by road. (Why not build a refinery in Turkana to avoid unnecessary logistical costs.)

  2. Oil arrives at the port in Mombasa, leaves for the Indian Ocean going to where no one knows.

  3. In the middle of the Ocean, vessel carrying exported oil from Kenya, makes a U-turn, heads back to the port of Mombasa.

  4. Oil is received by port authorities as imported crude oil from Saudi Arabia, tax is levied.

Kenya becomes the first country in the world to import oil from itself.

Hata sisi tupewe bangi tuvute ndio tuelewe hii story ya wavutaji bhangi

https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/30320-broken-glass-and-sand-was-sold-fertiliser-ps-reveals.....it may be from a Githeri media but sound true story


we re-import our crude to re-export or what? we don’t have a functioning refinery…

Ngoma ino @Kihii Kiaganu weee.Usilete mambo ya Uhomo hapa

1.economies of scale do not allow establishment of a refinery.
2. China and India have expressed interest in buying our oil.


mister thats propaganda. kenyan consumption can support a refinery unless we are producing parafinn only. tajiri wako serikali wanataka wapewe pesa tu waibe. the refined products are useless in their schemes. ulizanga maswali saa ingine sio ati juu minister amesema na wewe ni “yes baas” tu.


Are you really sure about that?

Are you sure the combined consumption of EAC cannot support a refinery?

would museveni with his own oil, and the fickle maghufuli agree to buy our oil. kwanza Pombe si afadhali akanunue Uzbekistan kenya isifaidike?

Kwanza refinery ya magufudhi imefikia wapi?

yes sir it can’t support. Sometimes we feel our government let us down on some issues but on the issue of refinery it can’T work in kenya. We shouldn’t just see everything a simple as building a house/road. 2nd on EAC market you talking about how many people in kenya own even vehicles? and how many in Tanzania/ethiopia??? Again which company in kenya has a solid capital to fund over $5B to construct a refinery? bcoz (I am 100%) no firm/mulitnational can dare build a refinery in Kenya yet we have complex well built refineries (some refining over 400,000bpd for both heavy/light crude oils in gulf and china/india where the consumption is granted and returns on investment are also granted

wewe ata uwezi saidiwa, ati kenya becomes what? sometimes simpe research can help u upite interview. Imagine unaulizwa country zinaexport crude oil na unadai na sauti ya juu kaa kangarooo “kkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa”. does even kenya has oil to export. izi ni vitu za 5yrs zınaisha kaa za gabon. kuna country zıko na oıl kaa egypt, angola, nigeria, venezuela etc. so ua argument about oil haina miguu