Obote's Last Day In Power

The jamaa had to be tricked by his own security to get him to Kenya


I have seen mama ngina as there wife to Ugandan adversaries?? Confusing

And that Kimathi House on Kimathi Street

Wacheni mambo ya splitting hairs banaeee! The narrative is whats important

He was lucky to have escaped alive. Presidency, in the 1970s and 1980s, was not for the faint-hearted.

Good documentary

True. In those days you were likely to be executed after being overthrown. People like Haile Selassie were strangled in bed in 1974. Then, to add insult to injury, he was buried under a toilet

Former afghan president Mohammed Najibullah was castrated before being hanged by Taliban infront of cheering soldiers

Very interesting. However, I think M7 is a better president seeing how he is developing his country. Idi Amin and Obote were like Moi. Their mindset was to run down the country, not to build it up

Taliban abducted him from UN custody and tortured him to death, and then dragged his dead, castrated body behind a truck through the streets of Kabul. His brother’s body and his were hanged from a traffic light pole inorder to show the world that a new era had begun.

Obote was the first prez of UG. All these first generation African leaders had a loose screw in their heads. M7 ni enlightened benevolent dictator like Kagame. He has done good for that country

Yes. Especially once Total starts building the oil pipeline, Uganda’s economy will start vibrating.

Total?? I would bet it goes south. The rich cabal around museveni waanze wizi and the rebel movements at the borders waanze vita. And in the middle Total will be bribing anyone so that they can make off with the loot. That’s the storybook line of Africa n resources unless u have strong institutions. And we know in uganda m7 ndio kusema.

Most first presidents walikuwa wamesoma whereas the majority of citizens were illiterate. …so they did what they liked

As long as M7 is in power nothing will go south trust me. Unless useme akufe then I will agree with you. Wewe hujui m7 is a control freak, rebels have been unable to take hold in UG because M7 smoked them out. These rebels were chased into congo. M7 was the first president to agree to send his troops to Somali to fuck Al shabab when they controlled 100% of Somalia including Mogadishu. So what rebels are you talking about? Do you know that UG has the most advanced fighter jets in East and Central Africa? As long as he is in power nothing will go wrong

Here he is in his rebel days circa 1985


Hehe from a rebel to a lifetime president.

Samuel Doe of Liberia aliuliwa after 12 hours of torture na Prince Johnson akiangalia drinking beer. I think the video of his execution is somewhere on youtube.
Johnson is nowadays a senator in the Liberian parliament.

Bro, if Samuel Doe is a senator, basi its senator of heaven or hell, not Liberia. Jamaa was tortured and killed

I meant Prince Johnson who captured him and was briefly the president before Taylor took over. My apologies:Edited