Obare reveals rift between Jamal and Amber Ray

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 – Jamal Marlow has reportedly dumped socialite Amber Ray and gone back to his wife Amira.

According to Edgar Obare, Jamal no longer picks Amber Ray’s calls and despite the notorious socialite trying to reach out to him through friends, her efforts have not borne fruits.

Edgar reports that Jamal is begging Amira to forgive him and vowed that he will never go back to Amber Ray.

According to those who know him, he has started being a responsible dad by spending time with his sons after ending his affair with Amber Ray
The revelations by Edgar Obare come just 2 days after Amber Ray dropped Jamal’s name on her Instagram page bio and deleted all the photos that they had taken together.

Jamal has since deactivated all his social media accounts.





After the wife revealed that he was ballin’ on a 300 million loan he had taken, ni kama Ali realise how fast the funds were dwindling and unsustainable the lifestyle was ikabidi arudi back to his senses.

Kijana mushienzi sana, how do you publicly aibisha the goat wife like that? Kula maraya yako na huko in peace. Sio wewe wa kwanza na hutakuwa wa mwisho.



Hako kamkamba kataanza kutombwa na omosh sasa

Hao ni akina nani?

Its very funny how people attempt to commercialize something that 50% of the population has. Kuma has and will never be special.

Kijana, it’s all about branding. That’s why unaeza kula amaliar SJ na 300 halafu beta male imuone Tinder au IG ikubali kulipa 5k per shot.

Yes, u can. But how sustainable is it? Umalaya has never built an empire. Labda ilipe rent tu.

Hii kijana Jamal doesn’t have much between his ears. Alipewa bibi na elders. Bibi wa kutoka huko kwao North Eastern. Very arid place where people still take a dump in the bushes and at the risk of being bitten by hyenas in the bum while at it. This woman is pretty, she has given him sons and will accompany him there to his village if need be.

Alafu anawacha huyu anachukua slayqueen ya hapa Nairobi who thinks she can’t shit anywhere unless it’s in the Kempinski on his bill. This Amber Ray would never step foot anywhere beyond Mwingi or Isiolo. How does one marry such a woman?

He could have taken another pretty young wargis wamejaa hii Nairobi as a second wife. Mbona kujipea stress?

:D:D he thought he could domesticate that bald headed crow

Kunguru mkamba… Tutasema hapa mara ngapi?

Hiyo kunguru ingefilisisha jamaa. That fake expensive lifestyle hata ukuwe na pesa aje utaifeel. Plus drama queen manenoz

Mkamba mmoja tried that shit anataka ajitoe wife ajue she exists i told her hell no, deleted her number and never picked her calls.

But wanawake wanatoa wapi nguvu ya kukuwa mjinga hivi wapi? Ni wache bibi wa miaka kumi na mbili kwa sababu ya some random woman?

Hawa ni kina nani? I’ve been meaning to find out but I’m too lazy. What’s their claim to fame?