Obando asukumwa indaa, From o-O

Ujinga hauna mwisho huko Migori. The guy has learned that cellphone mast triangulation nabbed the other participants but he retains the SIMcard and handset. He probably used them extensively in the aftermath to coordinate alibis, with the DCI eavesdropping. Fala!

weent to school with a guy called Obanjo, so its hard to drop the “N”

And he is a cop. Though he is said to have used fake academic papers to get the job. Hiyo ujinga yake ni ya kuzaliwa.

I’ll guess that he will faint somewhere and be taken to hospital for observation where he’ll spend time until his next (postponed) hearing, due to his “condition”.

Halafu isukumwe to Apri ili apate time ya kumaliza washahidi.

Lakini I have faith that the revisited judiciary in no longer going to give judgements on order. Ombeta anajikuna kichwa

I have seen Obado has added lawyers to defend him including retired Justice Nicholas Ombija.

@Meria Mata you won’t catch my calls

Siku hizi huwa sentenced to suffer death.

Bond terms zitakuwa ngumu sana considering those fools rioting in migori.

my dota am so sorry, was under the msedes kiadjust brakes


yes, it is 02 not 20

Nimemupa hekaya ya dakitari wa kuku .

Ni arrogance ndio shida yake. Like many waheshimiwas he probably thought he can get away with murder just like the way he has been getting away with stealing public funds. So him being a governor he believed hana haja ya kutake precautions because he has a title and alot of stolen cash.

hapa gava imekuwa too personal

https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/1144020298/kcb-ordered-to-pay-sh2-5m-to-defamed-judge alipewa hii pesa

Tuliongea naskia Siku hizi amekua daktari wa kuku

Definitely. I would’nt want to be embarrassed like he was whether I’m famous or not.