Obando asukumwa indaa, From o-O

Migori Governor Okoth Obado remanded at Industrial Area prison pending hearing of his bail application suit tomorrow at 2.00pm.

DPP should employ those good high flying lawyers to “stand” for these big cases…

na hii noogle ingine iko na mballs of steel.

John Chacha, one of Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s bodyguard arrested in a hotel near Milimani Law Courts by DCI detectives.
His phone is among those traced to have been around the scene of murder- Chacha was also arrested with fake documents and a gun.

after ile expose ya obando gang jana kaa ni mimi ningekua Sokele, Katanga provence huko DRC

Those ‘good high flying lawyers’ are in private practice with good pay.
The rest are government prosecutors.

Running and being caught adds weight to the case. Heri ushikwe tu.

This case can be prosecuted easily by a student in lawschool. If all criminals were this sarp, taking people to jail would be child’s play.

And still moving at 133.56kmph

Those are not balls, those are more akin to mini moons orbiting the phallus.

all the obando gang wana husika na hii kesi, afadhali kukua fugitive than kufungwa maisha juu kenya hamna hanging

In fact the small fish will be fried over brimstone. The public must be appeased by sacrifices. In a crazy twist Obado can escape… 17years from now we get a case files show with some beat-down prisoners pleading innocence.

I urge all industrial area prisoners who have smart phones that they normally use to defraud pple. Please if u are reading this… PLEASE CHUNISHA HUYO OBADO SUKUMA… Asanti

Swallow Saliva huyo msee anaitwa OBADO si OBANDO. Anyways hii ngori sioni akijitoa. The evidence against him is too strong coz he made amateur mistakes maybe out of anger coz the lady had pushed him.

ibolaa batakumaliza baba…

what is the sentence for aiding, abetting, and financing murder, Is it the same as murder? case hapa sielewi?

Whats with this guy everyone around him is a thug, this one is an imposter? The bodyguard became a copper Using fake papers. When you’re in trouble with the law even your shadow is under investigations.

EACC detectives have arrested Migori governor Okoth Obado’s bodyguard outside the Milimani law court.
The detectives put handcuffs on John Chacha Alias Mwita Moses Mogaya after taking away his gun.
“He was arrested for using academic certificates belonging to another public officer named ‘Chacha’ to secure employment,” EACC said on Monday.
EACC said they conducted investigations and established that John used certificates belonging to the said ‘Chacha’ to get entry to the Administration Police Service in 2006.
The DPP gave consent to arrest and initiate criminal proceedings against John with the offence of impersonation of a person named in a certificate contrary to Section 384 of the Penal Code.

John is to be taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices for questioning.
He will be arraigned before the Anti-Corruption Court in Milimani, Nairobi today.
John was arrested when Obado was already in court to face charges of aiding, abetting, and financing the murder of Rongo university student Sharon Otieno.


The government doesn’t have money to pay such. It cant use your taxes to fund overpriced lawyers because it has to match what they earn in private practice.

Awekwe block D kwenye wakanyama alikuwa unpaid vacation :D:D

The government has a rap sheet on almost everyone. Usishangae kupata makosa ulifanya 2009 ziko mahali zinaweza fikiwa, only that the government has never bothered because you are not a person of interest. Saa hii najua governors wamekunja mikia sana.

Wacha akule maharagwe haijaiva na uji yenye inakaa kama ugali. Tumbo iharibike aanze kuendesha