Obama Meets Ruto

Obama has today met Simba 2 Ruto in cryland. He was addressing the nation in a press conference on gun control measures and in the process of the speech he referred to some kids who were killed in a gun violence incident. At this instance he took a minute of deep thought and then literaly shed tears.
Nione mtu akichekelea Ruto tena. Picha mnaeza tafuta cnn

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Graphics ni muhimu.


so how is this related to the topic


Crocodile tears. Who cries with only one eye apart from babuon? [ATTACH=full]26310[/ATTACH]

I thought a soap opera was being filmed. But gun control is a sizzling issue over there. Almost everyone wants a gun, for security. But they’re treated like toys. During the festive season, there were discounts in many gun shops. You mad at someone? Just make a sieve out of them.