Obama legacy in Africa

The first black American president left one big legacy; his administration legalized same sex marriage for the first time in America, he proposed unisex rest rooms. If this is what it means to have black in power, then it’s meaningless. He did nothing to improve the lives of blacks expect for the celebrities that trooped the White House…police brutality didn’t reduce. He came, manipulated oUr Black minds and did worse in Africa like all colonialist have been doing us dirt, He killed the Gadafi of Africa!

The day I will start listening to black lives matter, is the day the black man’s brutality against his fellow black stops. Statistics still have it that blacks that die from attacks of fellow black is far more than those that die in the hands of police. In my country, Army opened fire and killed several innocent protesters, in my country, if you are not from a certain region or religion, you are considered unfit or a second class citizen, in my country herds men burn down villages, kill women, massacre children and commit heinous crimes against humanity…what moral justification do you have to speak against police brutality, when we do worse evil to ourselves??

Stop that nonsense emotions please.

When did Kenya army shoot protestors? You must be living in a a different country maybe Uganda or what ?

And what will be the legacy of Nabii Zakayo and Riggy Gee … ??? :rofl: :joy: