obama interview

If Barack Obama is to be interviewed by one
journalist which one of the following would do.a good job.

  1. Jeff Koinange KTN Tv
  2. Julie Gichuru Citizen Tv
  3. Larry Madowo NTV
  4. Belinda Obura K24TV
  5. karl Maxx Ktalk

Obviously Jeff due to his exposure, experience and balance. Julie Gichuru is Not a good interviewer while Belinda Obura shouts unnecessarily. The female option for me would be Beatrice Smart.


i think rara madondo NTV
lakini pia keff joinange ako sawa

…Woodwork Amimo (think ni wa Citizen) pia ako sawa.


Churchill--------vile ali interview kanyari

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leave Obama and his america alone

Jeff has the pedigree to conduct such an interview…all the others will get excited and forget what they are doing…kwanza Lilian muli akipewa hio kazi anaweza anza kukatia Obama live live on air


Lilian muli always fails to hide it when she is blown away by celeb personalities.


She almost cums on air


Definitely @karl marx of Ktalk.
He’s got the b@lls to ask the hard questions like;

  1. Obama Jatelo: why are you always high on weed?
  2. Ja-kogalo yawa: Why can’t you build a simba?
  3. Wuod Kogelo; Kama kuna clit, Utaclick ama akanyal?? :smiley:

toa huyo mama kwa hiyo list kwanza…:mad:

KBC channel 0001 will handle that;);):wink:

Janet Mbugua usually seems to have her wits about her. Plus hana fake accent. Plus ametulia.

I admire her too but hawezani…this is too big for her to handle

Uduak Amimo n her co-host… The rest can go jump over cliffs


Lilian can literally take a finger and flick her bean on live tv coz of excitement.

John Sibi Okumu looks more sober


Ule dame hachekangi wa ktn ako na haga ingine wagwan.

I think Mutegi Njau and woodwak.Atleast the mzee will show obama we have the likes of Larry kings:D:D

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Is the name Woodwork or Uduak?