Obado, Maribe, Jowie et al

What happens if they are all jailed for life?
My thoughts:
It will be a very good day for Kenya. Rich or famous criminals will think twice about getting away with crime, especially murder. The judiciary, DCI and DPP will be more courageous. Officials in the DPP and DCI’s office will become very rich from bribes from corruption cases where no lives were lost. Murders will reduce, and corruption will not be as profitable as it was in the past. This will act as a minor deterrent.

#My two Zimbabwe $$

Is Jowie and Maribe rich criminals? They killed for money, rich people kill for name like Obad. Jowie is a ben10

They are not rich, but Maribe is famous. She WAS a media personality.

I truly feel Maribe might be innocent. That’s why she reported Monica death like just another news day. Propably didn’t know her and hence it was just another work day reporting another murder. She doesn’t seem like the person who could keep her nerves in check reporting a murder she was involved with. Also why would she kill for 6 million? She was a well known news anchor and could easily arrange for 6M from her close friends or just get a transfer to this upcoming new TV stations who will pay top money for known personalities.That’s a weak motive.

Her only crime is being in a relationship with a criminal asshole who convinced her he was a “security” expert and hence could legally carry fire arms. #FreeMaribe


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nazinzia nikikuwazaa aaaa aaaa

Maribe is just a victim of love. She probably didnt even know anything about Monica. Jowie could have lied about his blood stained kanzu…dont judge her harshly if you have ever fallen in love and did something stupid.

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I was a gun in her house, evidence burnt in her compound, lied to police about the shooting, money from Monica found in her house… Quite hard to argue her innocence here. But let’s wait and see.

ngirita walienda wapi? na wanja omollo gathecha?


Maribe without make up Walai Bilai anacheza league ya mama mboga.

I like her more without make up

When a good gal gone bad. Lalalaaalalaalaaaaa! Melanin baibe

Jowie, is just a pretending crook with some funny pain facial expressions,Ngoja aingie Kamiti.