O.D.M nominations,Nairobi chapter

Sikuwa naandika encyclopedia ati lazima iwe factual.

That’s the basic problem with the Jubilee Narrative in general. It doesn’t have to be factual as long as it looks credible.

You are a dimwit.
That pic has been doing rounds of social media since the time… Jimalizie na kikufurahishacho.

oh? just like the cord narrative, au?

Hii sio zawadi orangutans[ATTACH=full]97102[/ATTACH]

Yes. Except one narrative is inconsequential since it’s not the one being told by those in power.

he hee…kumbe imeletwa family pack afande?

They think people still fall for such. Remember a pic of a guy who had wet his pants and tumbiliots used it to defame Sultan Joho?

Meanwhile, the silent majority have had enough of thugs and looters. Vote revolutionaire…

…Hiyo, Boot yako ndio yaogopesha mwanzo.

Umoja lazma ikue my MCA Nicholas biggie owiso. He was on Radio Jambo on Friday kwa show ya mbussi. Fanya fujo washa fika

Weuh, as I try to unravel your own phone numbers huko kwa group jueni admin hapedi ujinga, he makes @Deorro look like an angel

First commercial break

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Mecho iko clean,kazi hatuoni leo!

Hii nomineshen haitakuwa na fire vile kama gavana na senator hakuna compe.

You almost got me there.

Umoja ni Ronaldo anachukua

utop battalion pod wapek

Brarre fakni hiyo group hata haina any discussion

Jubilee Nairobi primaries