Nzi kufuata mavi

It breaks my heart the things that excite foreskin holders.
How can that excite you when you live in that same country.
I understand Moses Kuria’s pain; you are globe trotting expecting investors to be receptive while someone is creating the worst climate locally with his riotous and looting gangs.

That’s why he has to resort to the language the goons understand; violence. He should promise to pay a million shillings for every 30 foreskins delivered to his office,like the assignment Saul gave David, then let natural selection deal with these slum infested minds.

Fagget Mijinga kïpiiiiii kinene zaidi mumama zaidiiiii umekaaa hivi fuaaaaaa ukihara ukinyamba ukidunga ukinusa uvundo ukakuambia wewe na muhahe yooooooooote ya watu wenyu wewe ndiwe wa kwanza na hii stale news? Brare taktaka ghaseer imbilisi nyeusi cunt

Terrorists always celebrate their cowardly terror

Maandamani ni haki yetu

Demonstrations are enshrined in the constitution. Hata wewe ukitaka kuandamana pekee yako you can. Provide police a notice and you are on your way.

Hundreds of thousands of business people of which majority are from mt kenya will get fed up very soon. How can someone pay rent & staff then a fool from nowhere blocks him from doing business?.

@Hydra , wewe ndio wajinga tunaongelea.
Umekaa hivi fuaaa, ukinyamba, ukihara, ukidunga na kunusa, ukaona Moses Kuria ni mtu wa kusaidia nchi na mambo ya kibiashara?
Takataka saidi.

If you had half a brain, you would understand that as much as we want to pursue dollars, we must sort out our internal issues.
We can decide to lock up Raila. Or assassinate him as people like you and Moses Kuria, Gachagua, et al. propose.
Then what? Do you think positive investment will come to a tyrannical government in this day and age?
The same way we rant about empty coffers and expect investors to invest?

Mko na akili kweli?

Protests and demonstrations aren’t unique to Kenya. Hata Germany watu huandamana. Where does low energy costs and less bureaucracy fall in your arithmetics? Ama maandamano ikiisha investors would magically appear hata kama kickback inakula profits zote?

The solution ni kuongea na Raira. Ruto atajipiga kifua yake yote but at some point he’ll have to bargain. Si alisema yeye sio uhuru, na tukaambiwa the invasion of Northlands shook Uhuru the financier of maandamano? So mbona maandamano bado inaendelea? Hio “business community” ilijipiga kifua vile ita-provide security iko wapi? Obviously people fear baba’s goons more than they trust the government’s ability to provide protection.

This administration is turning out to be the most clueless in Kenya’s history. The government has more to lose from these maandamano than the opposition. Every time the gaament responds with violence, it gives bonga points to the opposition. Raira can afford to call for maandamano for the next 5 years, can the government afford the same?

Can you provide names of those blocking others from going about their businesses?

The ultimate power belongs to the people.
If you see the streets quiet, yet we pride the businesspeople as majority, what does that tell you?
Are the businesspeople really afraid of Raila, a single person, or his protesters (who hardly reach 100 and have olice to deal with)? Is there any policy that has been pro-biashara? Ama umesahau about China?

If anything, people should take the initiative

Amazing academic credentials on display. Sijui mkifungiwa place moja na @ranny, @Titty Twister, @Hydra et al kama utatoka ukiwa hai. Engaging those buggers can kill several of your brain cells.

Hee keino.

The constitution gives power to the people.
Demonstrations are one of the many ways the people make their views heard.
It is the responsibility of the government to protect lives and property during the demonstrations and that is why they must be notified.

The government has to find a way to deal with these demonstrations without using violence or force. The moment protests are announced and the government states it will disperse the crowds, even the people not intending to participate in any way will keep off the streets and offices for their own safety. Who looses?

Si UDA na their prior outfit Jubilee wanakunia kila pahali yet they live in the same country. Ama the solution is to roll over and hope for the best?

mbona muhindi amenyamaza kikuyus overrate themselves na hizo vibanda wanaita biashara na jiggers inamea hadi kwa akili.

Tombwa mbwa shoga takataka ya municipal

Difference with Kenya is that foreskiners will look for anything to destroy including their own neighborhoods.

Endeleeni kuinvest in expensive suits and buying Kikuyu women expensive gifts then when pple are doing their businesses you say you are marginalized na mlitomba pesa yenu.