Nzamba Kitonga

Was highly overrated. I never saw anything extraordinary in him. No Senior Counsel attended his funeral.

Sema mzee, Leo arap Mashamba hajanyamba uje kutuhadithia

He was a good lawyer. He was no charismatic though. The son of a civil servant and an ex mp. Way better off than most Kenyans (including you, SANIchieth). He never wanted to be a big man was not bothered. No ambition, not exactly an hard working man.

Overrated by whom…? he has never ever tried to be famous, he came, did his part and left…

Others would have milked that opportunity to the last drop.

Isn’t that by itself a profound thing, and greatness…


In Kenya we worship loudmouths

He did what he had to do in his lifetime. For that alone he was a great man.