Nywele ya white

am a young adult aged 32 years jana after screwing my gilfriend and relaxing kwa bed, as she was perusing my balls she informed me of one white fudhi. then i remember some time back niliona ndevu moja only one ya white.

is it normal guyz ama kunaendaje

Yeah, grey air starts showing up in your early 30s one by one, but it depending on your mummy’s genes they can show up earlier or later

Wah ati air

Stop panicking. Unazeeka. Kubali matokeo and don’t try to fight nature. :D:D

Hakuna h kwa kikamba so…

Kwa family yetu ni mtu mmoja tu ako na tufts of white hair. All the old folks died with jet black hair. Thank the stars

You just jinxed yourself. You will be the second one.

My dad Bro is 75 years old and his hair naturally looks like agwas’s with the kiwi.

It is normal depending on your family lineage. Just look at Uhuru’s wife…she does not defy gravity. Alikubali and we love her for it. She has all the money to import expensive wigs/weaves but she does not. She keeps it real.
Lakini ongea na Jakuon and Orengo if you want some kiwi stuff.

Nah,Im past the the threshold of getting white hair unless there’s a chance of getting a third nut

Hutaki kukua Silverback? I’m looking forward to mine. I will carry them with grace.

Wapi buda,nywele yangu thick and black ka fudhii.
My genes hazijiskii na hio riba. I respect white hair alot,some say its stress if you get it early,I say its experience

It all depends on genes.mimi tukiwa high school my desk mate alikua na mvi kichwa nzima

Oh No! Kijana ni kaswende na uchafu- trichomycosis axillaris common in chokoras. luwere, luwere

Haukum kung’uta mzuri.

Hangekua na nguvu za kuangalia makende zako. She was wondering hii V 0.5 n ya wapi na ndume ziko V8 ?

Siz has had white hair since she was a teenager

Nipee no. yake