Nys corporals beating the crap out of a serviceman

Hii Kenya kila mtu akona a short fuse. The anger in some people is too much. This is a video of NYS corporals beating the crap out of an NYS serviceman. He asked ‘una mawe ngapi’ literally translating to ‘Whats your rank?’ In NYS I hear thats an insult because someone asking you that question yet you are a corporal is seen as madharau. He received a beating. Upuzi wa hali ya juu.


Si watu wakubaliwe kua na bunduki sasa

Kabla big bang

Discipline muhimu

Uyo acha alimwe kabisa…. Nkama ku uliza embarambara ako na mistari gani

These guys are now “afandes”?

Important to remember that in a civilized country that is governed by RULE OF LAW, even if you walk up to a senior police officer and insult his mothers (kumanina) the cop would simply arrest you and charge you with useing abusive language against a police officer on duty.

Over here fools are conditioned to think a cop is like your parent and can dish out punishment for offenses the way he sees fit.

Kuchapwa gani? Hiyo kuguzaguzwa lightskin ameguzwa ndio kuchapwa na hajalalishwa kwa matope?

[SIZE=5]Keyword civilized country. Kenya is still developing therefore any disrespect shall be met with ferocious slaps with the aim of restoring/instilling discipline.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If you want to bad-mouth police officers without consequence, relocate to the USA.[/SIZE]

Huyu hajapigwa. Why would he do that?! Why di we have such takatakas in such an outfit? Halafu nani alichukua hiyo video?

They are obviously bitter about being low ranking officers.

Probably some idiotic bimbo who poses in her uniform

This is a clear reflection of how bad a society we are. Kids in nursery and primary school receive such beatings from teachers and nobody talks about it.(personally if anybody gave me or my kid such a beating, I would waylay them and stab them in cold blood)

Sunday, 08 August 2021 – Kenyans on social media have condemned some rogue NYS officers who were captured on camera assaulting a young man.

According to social media reports, the NYS officers descended on the victim with kicks and blows after he requested them to wear masks.

In the video that has been widely shared on social media and caused an uproar among Netizens, the merciless NYS officers are seen slapping the young man in turns, claiming that he had insulted them.

“Unatusi afisa?” the rogue NYS officers are heard ranting.

However, word has it that the rogue officers went berserk after the victim simply asked them to wear masks.

“Gosh. This is too much now! Our (in) disciplined forces have gone rogue.


Woii kenya

I would not recommend any bonobo to do this maybe if your Caucasian. Utakulwa risasi huko pia ushangae. They can try European countries though or Australia

Kenya pea mtu yeyote kanguvu tu kidogo, huwa anafura kama balloon

A few slaps. But one threw a couple of punches.

Your regular Kenya Police and Admin police are unlearned idiotic dminus brutes. Now imagine NYS “afisas” are below them.

I wouldnt advise you to do that in Bidenstan. Utaekwa risasi alafu waseme ulikuwa mwizi. You can do that if you are European (White) like the them. Labda ujaribu upuzi kama hiyo uko Australia ama NZ.